Empty Tennis Courts Have Always Puzzled Me…

You know what I mean – we drive by tennis courts all the time. And they always look empty! I don’t mean run-down, abandoned tennis courts. No – cool looking tennis courts, well maintained, with lights and all – and they’re always empty!

There are 30 million tennis players in the US who wanna play. And only 200,000 tennis courts that are mostly empty. What’s up with that? Maybe soon Tennis Round can help put more tennis players on these tennis courts.

Empty Public Tennis Court

Empty Tennis Court - What, no one wants to play here?

4 thoughts on “Empty Tennis Courts Have Always Puzzled Me…

  1. That is so true. I would love to be out there playing on one those empty courts more often, it’s just a matter of finding someone who wants to play as much as I do and whose schedule doesn’t clash with mine.

  2. I missed playing tennis… Whenever I find the time and urge to play, I end up wasting my time inviting friends who happens to have more important commitments.. urrggh

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