Tennis Round Is Now Live!

We are very pleased to announce that Tennis Round is finally out of development and open for beta testing. If you’d previously signed up for a test drive you’ll get an email from us asking you to try it out and share your thoughts and feedback. This is the first version that offers the most basic, yet important functions – find the nearest tennis courts and tennis players at your skill level. Send them and message and set up a tennis match.

Tennis Round offers many exciting features. You can drag the map to look for courts. The list of tennis courts will automatically update based on the location of the map. You can zoom in and out by using the plus and minus signs on the map or just double clicking on it. You can see a satellite view of the area by clicking the satellite or the hybrid button on the map.

If you recognize your home tennis court and would like to save it, simply click on the star icon in front of the name of the tennis court and it will be added to your list of favorite courts. This way you let other tennis players know where you prefer to play and also keep all of your courts in the same place. All tennis courts are arranged by proximity from the center of the map, or the zip code or street address you enter in the search field.

All tennis players will be listed in the Players tab and can be sorted by skill level and gender. Each tennis player is also listed with one of their favorite tennis courts, so you know where they normally play.

Inviting another tennis player for a tennis match is easy. Simply mouse over the tennis player and click on the Invite button. Enter the two most important parts of the tennis invitation – where and when. Where would you like to play, on which particular tennis court, on which date and at what time.

As soon as you send the invitation the other tennis player will get an email with your message. When they confirm the time and place, you can go out and play some tennis.

To save favorite tennis courts and send invitations to players you have to sign up and create a profile. Registration is free and easy. It also lets other players know what your skill level is and where you prefer to play.

We are extremely excited to finally launch Tennis Round and bring our dream to reality. We realize the site might not be perfect, especially when it’s fresh out of the oven. We’d love to hear from you with any suggestions and feedback about what you like or what you’d like to have when using Tennis Round.

Feel free to post directly to this blog, email us at, or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Good luck on the tennis courts, enjoy the game and have fun with Tennis Round. Create your free Tennis Round account today!

2 thoughts on “Tennis Round Is Now Live!

    • Please send us an email to and include the following information: name and phone number of the tennis facility, address, number of courts, if they have lights, if they are indoor or outdoor, public or private. If you don’t know all that, then at the very least – street name and number, city and state.

      Yes, it does make a difference if they are public or private. Otherwise players won’t know if they can simply show up to play, or must make a reservation and pay for court time. If you’ve been able to play at those two courts at any time without having to pay, and no one asked you to sign in, then they’re probably public :).

      Thank you!

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