The US Open of Tweener Shots – Videos

I few days ago I was watching the latest Nike TV commercial, featuring Roger Federer explaining how to hit a shot between the legs, ending with a humorous word of advice from the Maestro: “Don’t try this at home. I am a professional”. Then almost right after that, I watched Federer hit that shot in live TV broadcast of his opening night match against Brian Dabu. Here’s a video of that tweener shot

John McEnroe thought that Federer’s between the legs shot against Djokovic last year was better, though the other commentator liked this years exhibit.

Today Francesca Schiavone hit another tweener shot and then went on to win that rally.

The 2010 US Open might go down in history as the tournament with the most tweener shot. At least the one with the most tweener shots that resulted in winning the rally, and then the whole match. Who knows, perhaps a shot between the legs spooks the other player ever more and forces a final surrender.

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