Find a Tennis Partner on Tennis Round – Video

This brief tennis partner video tutorial demonstrates how you can find suitable tennis players in your area and invite them to play. If there’s no one in your area yet (which is likely, since it’s a brand new, 3 weeks old site), you can create your free account anyway, so the next person can find you. Tennis Round is an online match making portal for connecting similarly skilled tennis players and finding tennis courts.

When you sign up for your free profile, we will assign you the closest tennis court. This will help us display the closest tennis players for you, and ideally others who use the same court. You can keep that tennis court as your favorite, or change it to a different one, since the closest tennis court might not be the most convenient or in best condition. If you have more than one favorite court, you can add a few by clicking the star icon. To remove a favorite court, just click the star icon again.

The registration process is quick and easy. It gathers only the most relevant information that’s important for any tennis player – name, skill level, tennis court, gender, age. While age is not a huge factor in finding a compatible opponent, we need to make sure the site is not used by minors.

Visit our Tennis Round You Tube channel for more videos. They’re all High Definition and best viewed at 720p HD – you can adjust that setting in the bottom right corner of the You Tube display window from 360p to 720p.

To become findable in Tennis Round and be able to send tennis invitations to other players, sign up today at this registration link.

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