Top 10 Cities on Tennis Round in 2010

Before we launched Tennis Round we wondered if we should roll it out in one particular city or state, before we introduced it to other cities.

Naturally, we did a bunch of research about which state and which city are the most active tennis places. The strongest candidates were Florida, Texas, California, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Atlanta and New York and the biggest cities in those states. In the end we decided to throw it out nationwide and see what happens.

Four months into it, we have some basic stats to share. Turns out, there’s more to tennis than overall tennis participation per capita, namely – technology. That is – where the most techy tennis players live.

You will notice that the top 4 cities are also the cities that happen to be some of the most wired places in the country, where people look at a screen for most of the day.

I’m surprised Boston didn’t make the cut, maybe they’re not looking for a tennis partner when they’re snowed under. I expected more from Miami, as I’d love to hit when I go on vacation, or if I move there (again). But after all, if they were looking at a computer as much as people do in Seattle or San Francisco, they’d have a website for the tennis ladder at the Flamingo Park Tennis Center in South Beach instead of a whiteboard with badges, and I would’ve never thought of building Tennis Round in the first place. They’re probably just too busy having a good time.

Here are the top 10 cities with the most Tennis Round members. They represent 174 players (29% of the 602 total).

City, State Members
San Francisco, CA 51
Seattle, WA 28
Austin, TX 17
New York, NY 15
Houston, TX 13
Los Angeles, CA 12
Oakland, CA 11
New Orleans, LA 10
Tucson, AZ 9
Chicago, IL 8
Total members in top 10
174 29%

P.S. This data is probably skewed by a thousand different things – seasonality, local presence and buzz, media coverage, etc. But thought it might worth sharing anyway.

map of tennis round registered  users

Geo distribution of Tennis Round's registered users Aug 22 - Dec 24, 2010

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