Your Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (at least)

I am happy to announce that we’ve finally enabled profile pictures! Tennis Round members can now safely upload their photo to their player profile.

If you’re signing up now, you can upload your pic during the registration process. If you’re already registered, you have to log in first, and the go to your profile page (click the My Profile link in the top right corner, under the blank white empty picture square) and click the “Upload image” link, that’s under the big blank picture space.

player profile pictures on tennis round

Tennis Player Profile Picture - Example

Your profile picture will save you from having to explain to other players how to recognize you, what you look like and what bag you’re carrying, and reassure other Tennis Round members that your profile is not made up by us. It might also increase the odds of getting more tennis invitations, since people normally want to know who they’re playing and if that person will bother to respond to their invite. I mean, who would you rather invite – someone with a profile picture or without one?

Here’s an example – I’m inviting my buddy Steve, although he can’t play. I’m just using him for illustration purposes as I’m sure he doesn’t read this blog.

sending a tennis invitation to another player

Sending a tennis invite to another Tennis Round member

Obviously, I know what he looks like, so I don’t really need to see his picture. But for the other 99% of players, pics would help. In case you’re wondering what happens when you click the cute Send button – Steve will get an email, as well as a message on Tennis Round. So he wouldn’t have to log into Tennis Round all the time to check for new invitations or responses.

All of the Tennis Round player profiles are of real people. There’s no dummy data and names. Every player profile is created by a real person who has verified their email address manually and completed their registration. But there’s really only one way to demonstrate that – by adding your own profile picture right now. Go ahead, save yourself a thousand words and upload your picture.

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