Tennis in the Winter

Launching Tennis Round just before the winter season has made me a student of the U.S. weather map. I’ve watched temperatures, showers, snow, winds and blizzards in what has been the longest winter for me. Ironically, the states where people can play outside right now (see map below), aren’t the most Internet savvy ones, well maybe except Austin, TX and Miami, FL.

So, 80% of the outdoor tennis courts in the U.S. are currently either wet, covered in snow or at near freezing temperatures. If you’re lucky enough to be in the south, you should have plenty of courts to pick from. For the rest of us – look for indoor tennis courts in our Courts tab.

The two maps below show today’s weather forecast and last week’s visitor traffic to Tennis Round.

Weather Forecast and Tennis In the Winter

Best States to Play Tennis in the Winter

Tennis Round Visitors Last Week

Tennis Round Visitors Last Week

Nobody from Noth Dakota and South Dakota came to the site last week. They’re probably playing hockey instead.

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