Find Tennis Players in Your City with Tennis Round

We’ve recently added a new feature that automatically detects your geo location, so you don’t even have to type in your city in the search box. Just click the Find Local Players button.

tennis round home page Home Page

The site will show automatically you the closest tennis players near you and organize them by distance. Then you can sort the results by Skill Level and Gender and invite the players you want to play with.

find tennis players in your city

tennis players in your city

You’ll notice the following helpful info:

1. City and State for which the search returned results

2. Distance (in miles) from the tennis player’s home court to your location

3. “View on map” link, which will show you exactly where on the map that player’s home court is

4. Map bubble indicating the player’s home court

5. Skill level of the tennis player (self ranked using the USNRP tennis ranking system as a guideline).

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