Schedule a Tennis Match on Tennis Round

Once you’ve registered for Tennis Round and created your free account, you can start to schedule tennis matches. The way it works now is still a bit manual. But while we’re working on making it smarter you might as well as set up a few matches. Here’s how:

schedule a tennis match by sending an invitation

sending a tennis invite

1) Create a free Tennis Round account and log in. You can register here

2) On the tennis players, page – find a player you want to invite and click the Invite player link.

3) Write a brief message with the best time and place for you

4) Click Send

The player you just invited will get an email and a message on his Messages page and you so will you:

tennis invitation messaging system

Send tennis invitation shows in Messages page

Whether or not they respond to you is up to them though. There’s no magic here (well, at least not yet, we’re working on it). All members are real people with real schedules and other commitments. So, if the time you suggested doesn’t work for them, they might not bother replying at all. But many of them will! Many people just like to hit the ball and will always make time for tennis. So – do send out a few invites and see who else is up for it.

To prevent spam we’ve capped the maximum number of invites to 15 per day. If you invite 15 tennis players in one day and no one responds to you, it might be snowing outside or there’s something totally wrong with the site (in which case you should call us right away to complain).

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