The Most Expensive Tennis Racket

Are you one of those tennis enthusiasts out there? If so, then maybe you are just as keen at looking after your tennis racket as it also, somehow, proves that having a strong tennis racket also contributes to enhanced tennis performance.

If you are a serious tennis player, having a strong and durable tennis racket is really important. Do you also know that a tennis racket can come with a high price tag? It’s a pleasure to tell you that the world’s most expensive racket is called the “tennis gold racket” weighing 8.8 pounds and has been studded with 1,700 diamonds. It is conceived that this racket is an award for anyone who can win the tournament many times in several years.

The racket tale started at the Diamond Games tournament in Antwerp, Belgium where Amelei Mauresmo defeated Kim Clijsters. She had won the tournament and got the trophy three times in for five years. Mauresmo’s idiosyncratic trophies have been impressive as much of her play tournament with the addition of diamond tennis racket.

Her racket is the world’s most expensive tennis racket with a record setting value of $1,300,000.00 U.S Dollars. Weighing 8.8 pounds and studded with 1,700 diamonds, it is not a wonder why this racket had become the world’s most expensive racket to date. Most Chinese perceive that this has been Amelei Mauresmo’s lucky charm or winning material.

According to studies, the racket was first seen in a Ryan jewelry company and has become a treasure of Antwerp HRD Diamond museum –“ZuanheBei Antwerp award in the tennis championship. Chongqing is the world’s most authoritative diamond accrediting agency jointly sponsored by China and third at the Beijing Shanghai exhibition where the world’s most expensive tennis racket was shipped by professional tennis Guard Company. The golden racket was first displayed at Chongqing .

If Venus Williams, a tennis player entered the Proximus Diamonds Games in 2006, she could have had the chance to play tennis using the golden racket, but she withdrew two days before the tournament.

Perhaps, the golden racket is meant for Amelei Mauresmo and she’s destined to win using this expensive tennis racket.

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