When Should I Restring My Tennis Racquet? – Gamma Sports Recommendations

Racquet Stringing Tips by Gamma Sports

1. Plays per week = Strings per year
A simple rule of thumb is to restring your racquet as many times a year as you play, on average, in a week. For example, if you play 2X per week, your racquet should be restrung 2X per year.

2. Listen to Your Racquet
When you tap a strung frame against your hand, fresh strings produce a resonant “ping” sound. While dead strings will produce a deep “thud” sound. If you don’t hear a ping, it’s time to restring your racquet.

3. You Haven’t Played At All
Even if you don’t hit one shot, your racquet will lose tension. If you haven’t played for a few months, you should restring. Even the perfect racquet won’t perform if your strings have lost tension.

4. No Control
When your strings lose tension, you have less control. Missing a cross-court shot by four feet doesn’t really mean you are playing worse than you were last week. It could simply mean your racquet needs new strings.

When to Restring Your Tennis Racquet

When to Restring Your Tennis Racquet

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