Launch Festival Winner Will Rent Satellites To the Public

What an amazing conference the 2013 Launch Festival was. Full of energy, enthusiasm, passion, great ideas and above all solid work and products.

The Launch team, lead by Tyler Crowley @steepdecline and Kirin Kalia @kirinkalia had clocked long hours prepping presenters to deliver tight stories to the crowd and the jury of judges. And it all paid off. The pitches came from the standpoint of a narrative, contextually relevant to the story they told. We could all feel part of the problem and part of the solution.

My favorite startup was Nanosatisfi – – affordable satellite access. These guys make satellites. Who knew!

I wonder if one day, we could use their satellites to monitor the activity on any of the 200,000 tennis courts in the US to figure out which ones are open and which ones are busy. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Congrats to @Jason Calacanis and the Jason Nation on a fantastic event and giving everyone something to think about and something to dream of!


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