The Match of Djokovic-Haas that shocked the world

Tommy Haas


Who doesn’t know this incredible tennis player who is also an ex-schoolmate of Arnold Schwarzenegger that gave a jaw-dropping match last Tuesday in opposition to Novak. Who would have thought that he can conquer our rank #1 player after so many years? The ball is beyond doubt round as if you could remember, Tommy Haas was ranked #2 way back 2002. It is indeed true that once a winner, always a winner furthermore he did not let down his fans with 6-2, 6-4 score. if truth be told, age does not matter when it comes to playing Tennis!  Maybe it is to some players but not with Haas we all observed that he played just like those times when he was on top of triumph in the world of Tennis.

Everyone was surprised when they saw Djokovic performed awfully in which the no.1 player admitted so. Moreover he even said that “it is the worst match he ever played in a long time”. Truly he did well on this match and serves up perfectly and for sure the fans are all thrilled and will definitely don’t let pass the quarterfinals.

Does Haas really deserve this win? What do you think? Can Tommy also overpower the other top Tennis players?

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