Meet the new Ambassador of Porsche

Whenever we spot car commercials, shows, car racing events and the like more often than not men market and drive it. It makes them look more mannish when they drive cool cars and that it is very unusual that we see women advertise it except this time, our favorite car brand Porsche made a big change in the history as they got a fresh and a perfect model for a high-end car. The lucky girl is no other than the wonderful tennis player Maria Sharapova.

 Sharapova Porsche

(Photo: Getty Images)

She is the very first woman who will endorse it starting this year up to 2016 and on top of that she has the magic and the she is the only woman who can take hold of this marvelous opportunity said Mr. Matthias Mueller, CEO Porsche. The no.2 Tennis player had the chance to be the ambassador of Porsche effective last April 22, 2013. Just so you know she shielded her title in the Tennis Grand Prix and took home a White Porsche 911 last year in Stuttgart. What else can she ask for? She already has Sugarpova then at the moment Porsche, what else can she ask for?

Beyond doubt it is raining blessing on her all this time. Can you guys tell what’s next? We will surely looking forward to your next success!

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