How to String Your Tennis Racket – Reviews, Demos and Videos by Inspired Tennis

If you are seeking accurate and reliable information about tennis strings and stringing, we highly suggest checking out Inspired Tennis at

String expert David Henry also has a YouTube channel on racket stringing, in which he has tips and hands-on demos on how to string your tennis racket, how to select the right strings, apply the right tension and make adjustments to fit your game style:

racket stringing videos inspired tennis

Inspired Tennis also provides valuable information about:
– Various types strings
– New strings on the market
– Recommendations on which strings to use for various styles of play
– String industry news
– Stringing tips and information

And…  Inspired Tennis regularly holds string give-away contests where David gives away FREE sets of strings for his loyal site followers to play-test.  In the past, David has given away hundreds free sets of string from brands such as Wilson, Luxilon, Dunlop, SOLINCO, Genesis, STILL IN BLACK, Alien, and others.

Additionally, if you want to learn how to string your own racquets, Inspired Tennis offers an incredibly comprehensive DVD course that can be purchased on the site.  Through this course, David has helped hundreds of people across the globe learn how to string.

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