How to Join the Flex League, If You Are a Current Member

Hey guys –

If you want to try out the Flex League Program, and get some matches set up for you by the app, you can still do that. It’s an ongoing program, which will look for matching players for as long as you use it. There are no schedules, deadlines and last calls to register. You can join any time. If you’re new to the site, just go to the registration page: and pick the Flex League Plan.

If you are already a Tennis Round member, all you need to do is:

1) Login

login tennis round

2) Go to your Profile

tennis round my profile

3) Click the “Upgrade to Flex League” link under PLAN, or just click the big banner with Roger, Rafa and Kim (Flex League is Now OPEN).

upgrade to flex league

4) Select the monthly or annual plan and then enter your billing info to complete the process.

join flex league tennis round

5) Verify your player details. Update skill level or location, if anything has changed recently.


6) Enter your billing info and click click Upgrade. And you’re done.


The system will check if there are enough people in your area to start the service. If there aren’t – your credit card will not be charged. If there are – it will start emailing you matches when it finds players who want to play with you. Make sure to report your scores after each match, which will instruct the system to go and find you the next match.

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