Little Known Ways to Roger Federer vs. Daniel Brands


It is time to get your popcorn and drinks, sit back and relax as Federer will be playing for the first time at Gstaad since 2004. The marvelous Roger Federer mission is to get a hold of the title and his grand 10th triumph on Thursday. The whole thing is all set because the 31 year old tennis player will meet head-on with Daniel Brands the second time around. If you remember, the 6’5” tall Brands who enjoy playing and watching amazing football and hockey play-offs won in three sets last week in Hamburg with a spectacular 36 63 62 score and have also reached the quarter-finals this year.

Even though it was the second instance that Federer got defeated by those who are outside of the top 100 plus some are oppose with this match nevertheless no one can stop the 5th rank Federer. He is optimistic the same as Lleyton Hewitt seeing that they grew up in tennis together. He even said in a discussion that his rank is not an important issue and that his motivation has hit the highest point.

A lot of pressure is in front of Roger Federer but we are all certain that he is excited, eager to give all his best and most of all ready to win.

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