Lafayette Park tennis courts renovated by City of San Francisco

I was pleasantly surprised by the two nicely resurfaced courts at Lafayette park. The city has done a nice job. Both tennis courts have been renovated, with new surface, new nets and wind screens. I remember this place was once littered with pine needles and with cracks on the courts. But it’s great now.

Very unique place. Nice views of the city. Some wind every now and then, but the wind screens help. The lower court gets less wind. Both have benches, a nice touch. Tennis players are generally courteous and will give up the court if anyone’s waiting, after they’ve played for about an hour.

Parking can be problematic. It’s a popular residential area, parking spots get picked up quickly. Take public transit if you can.

If you walk or bike, it’s a serious hike up the hill, no matter which way you approach it (from Gough St, or Jackson St). But it’s worth it. Solid courts with a nice bounce and cool views of San Francisco.

To find tennis courts and tennis players elsewhere in San Francisco go to









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