Rafael Nadal Targets Number One Slot


Two big names are combating to be the victor of the number one title in tennis world. 2005 titlist Rafael Nadal is thinking of an innovative and enhanced way on how to beat Novak Djokovic. Of course playing and giving his very best is one of his many weapons. We all know that in order for Novak Djokovic to succeed he must be successful and get the Beijing title and keep hold of his ATP ranking score.

Knowing that Nadal has been healthy playing tennis in years counting his win at the French Open, 21 straight hard-court matches as well as the US Open, without doubt Novak Djokovic will have a hard time defending his title. Is he really losing his top ranking? Will he ever get it back? Novak mentioned in an interview on Saturday that as long as there is an option he will not give up and go on with fighting for the title. “It is not over” he added. Nadal claim that he is playing forcefully adding a good pulse in his legs and in addition a lot of focus while playing will result to his most excellent serve.

If Nadal will go on with his perfect moves and serves just like how he played on the hard courts of America then there is no doubt that he will own the top rank next week. A lot of amazing matches are coming so let’s all wait and see whose name will be next on number 1 on rankings.

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