The Amazing Ideas of Roger Federer



He was born to win! Roger Federer as well as his fans is very optimistic that next year will be a great year for them. The thirty-two year old Swiss is not losing hope even if he went through a lot of struggles this year moreover indeed it has been tough for him but no one can bring it to an end. In fact, he is looking forward and preparing for next year.

Federer added “As long as I’m physically and mentally fine, there’s no reason for me not to be taking part in the big matches. That’s what I’m looking forward to in 2014, to be part of those matches.” Truly he is a confident one just like Novak Djokovic who never seems to disappear on big tournaments as well as Andy Murray who plays tennis seriously and lastly Rafael Nadal who obviously shocked all tennis fans for his blockbuster come back, Roger Federer should make sure that he is 101% prepared mentally and physically to achieve victory again. He may be ranked number 7 today but we will never know what 2014 have for him. He must stay positive and should really work the hardest that he can in every aspect and everything will fall into right place.