Release Notes R7 to R11 – Nov 16, 2013

We’ve had a busy summer and fall season. Lots of new feature requests and user feedback. Thank you all for actively participating in the recent survey, and sending new ideas to improve the site, as well as all new tennis courts suggestions. Here’s a summary of what we’ve rolled out over the last couple of months.

1. Flex League program – a new premium service that connects tennis players based on their skill level and location. It’s a paid service and it costs $4.99 per month or $29 per year. The enrollment fee helps screen out the more motivated and serious players. After a few matches players can see their match history.

my matches and scores tennis round

2. Score reporting – Flex League subscribers can report their scores after each match. To keep it simple, and realistic, we set up a best 2 of 3 sets system. But we’ll take any scores, as we realize people can’t always finish a long match, if they have to give up the court. Naturally, you can continue your match another day, and just report the final scores when you’re done.

tennis match scores and results - tennis round

3. Player rankings – players reporting their scores earn points, which in turn earn them a place in the official Tennis Round Player Ranking Leaderboard. The match is super simple. You get 1 point for showing up and playing, and 3 points for winning (1 for playing + 2 for winning = 3).

official player rankings - tennis round

4. Match history – if you’ve been reporting your scores, or your opponent has, they’ll show up in your player profile. This will not only help you recall how you did against someone last time you played, but also help you look up your next opponent. Often you might have had a common opponent in the past, so match results can be a useful benchmark to help you prepare mentally for the game.

match history and recent tennis games

5. Match invitations – as the name suggests, these are the potential tennis match opportunities that you can accept or decline. This page helps you track them. You can still reach out to the other player to coordinate your match via the Messages page on the site.

match invitations tennis round

6. Payments – if you’re a paid subscriber, you’ll be able to see your charges on the Payments pages. It lists payment transactions by date, amount paid and payment method used.

my payments - tennis round

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