Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova face off for Miami Final Rematch

Finally it is all set on Thursday in Miami! Serena Williams will have a rematch with Maria Sharapova. This is very challenging for Sharapova as she has not defeated yet the American for almost a decade and now is her chance to prove what she really has. Sharapova knew that Williams is so powerful and plays with so much confidence. She is indeed a big threat for her but there is no reason to stop. Sharapova knew she can beat her and get the victory!


serena-640-miami-qf (1)

Without a doubt, top seed Williams is confidently aiming for her victory as always and has been winning consecutively. However, after Sharapova’s 14 consecutive lost matches in the rivalry, she gained her big-match confidence after defeating Petra Kvitova with scores, 7-5, 6-1. Williams also said, “I felt much better today than in a few of my other matches here,” “Knowing I was going to play a Top 10 player, I knew I had to come out and play really well tonight. And I did play well.” “When you’re facing a top-10 player, you have to lift your game, that’s what I was able to do.”

Who’s your bet? Will Sharapova win? Or Williams will take home the victory? Mark your calendars!

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