Samantha Murray vs Maria Sharapova, Wimbledon 2014

Maria Sharapova

French Open champion Maria Sharapova clears her status and tell the world why  she is in 242 world rank with 6-1, 6-0 on her fist encounter with wildcard Samantha Murray. This is a bonus and indeed a great triumph on Maria Sharapova’s striking resume. The World Wide Web says it is a DAVID VS. GOLIATH matches. Maria Sharapova is too physically powerful that in just fifty eight minutes she had the victory in her hands.

The underdog mentioned in her interview; “I’m really pleased to be given a wildcard again as it’s such an amazing tournament to be involved in,” said Murray, 26. “I had my first practice session on Tuesday and it just feels so good to be there and walk around the place again. “I’m still getting used to everything that goes on at Wimbledon.


“When I first heard the draw I was a bit shocked,” Samantha admitted. “I just see it as great opportunity to play someone of her calibre. I’ll be on a big court as well so it’s just a dream. Samantha Murray also mentioned that it is a privileged for her to play with Sharapova and it’s not the biggest match of her life.

But of course Maria Sharapova did not fail her followers so she played merciless and take home the ace!

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