Serena Williams fit for US Open

Serena Williams

The world no.1 is ready to fight and said to be fit for her US Open title on 25 August. If you remember Serena Williams was forced to pull out of her match due to viral illness. “They just said I was really ill and really under the weather and I just wasn’t doing very well and the instance left me terrified” Serena mentioned in her interview. She didn’t leave her house and bed for a few days approximately three days, heard and read a lot of feedback from other people and did not know and had no idea that people especially her fans will be worried.

However the good news is the rejuvenated 32 years old Serena Williams is so back! ‘Oh I already moved on.’ I actually made the most of her vacation – I was working out and starting to try to play again.” I feel very good the number one tennis player told reporters. “I feel very happy to be here, so it’s good.”

Serena Williams hopped a match in Sweden. On the other hand the world number one is now concentrating on the preparation for her next must-watch game. The US Open will begin on August 25 in New York City.


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