Having Trouble Finding The Right Tennis Coach? Check Out MyTennisLessons.

Even if you’re the most seasoned tennis player you may need a tune up every once in a while. Maybe you played in college and you’ve been reluctant to get back on the competitive scene or maybe you’re training to get on tour. Either way, finding a coach who will get the most out of your game used to be a hassle. Enter MyTennisLessons.com.

Whether you are a 5.0 player with 10 years of experience or a beginner who is itching to get on the court, a tennis lesson is always worth consideration. You’ve probably become accustomed to tennis centers or clubs not answering their phone or ignoring emails. Trust me, you’re most likely not going to get in touch with them. If you’re looking for a tennis lesson in sunny Los Angeles or a coach with an indoor court in Boston, MTL is sure to have you covered. When you visit MyTennisLessons you simply input your zip code, review the available instructors, and book your lessons online. Seriously, I’ll show you how easy it is.

On the MyTennisLessons homepage it becomes apparent quite quickly that all you need is your zip code. Easy enough. Simply input and hit enter. Let’s check out what’s going on in the DC area.


After inputting “20002” they display a list of instructors available in my area. Here you can scroll down the page to view all the tennis coaches. Here’s where MTL differs from many other sites. By reviewing the instructors it becomes apparent quite quickly that there are varying prices, years of experience, and reviews. It really is a genuine marketplace. I think I’ll go with Gregg, who may be a bit more expensive than some of the other pros (sorry Gabe), but has taught over 100+ hours and has 102 reviews with a 5 star rating. Right away I can also see he can teach “to master the fundamentals” or can help “prepare for a tournament with a great hitting sessions”. Perfect.


Here I can read more about their teaching experience as well as their teaching style. I might even find that Gregg isn’t actual the right fit, in which case I can go back to review other coaches. I don’t think that’ll be necessary however, as I like the fact that Gregg played in college and has a straightforward approach to his lessons.


On Gregg’s profile I can also view his locations (there are a ton to choose from), his travel radius and his availability. I’m looking for lessons right downtown and on the weekend so Gregg checks out.


Now that I know Gregg is my guy I’m off to book my lesson package directly on MyTennisLessons. First I have to let Gregg know all the lesson details such as experience, lesson frequency and preferred start date. Then just my contact information and click “Check Price and Availability” to complete the booking.


On this page I’m going to go with the 20 lesson package. Even though I’m paying more up front I’ll be saving more on the hourly price in the long run. Gregg is only teaching indoors now so at $87/hr that’s a great price compared to what clubs and tennis centers are offering.


Pretty cool that I can just PayPal if I don’t feel like getting out my credit card (especially since I’m doing this at work. Whoops.) which makes life easier. By booking all the lesson up front I won’t have to worry about additional fees, or set schedules. I have the flexibility my busy life requires.


And just like that I’ve booked myself a tennis coach. Gregg will be getting in contact within 48 hours to confirm the date and location of my initial lesson and now I’m getting pumped about getting on the court. It’s always good to remember there is a service out there that can help me finally beat that 5.0 ringer in my neighborhood or help me get on par with the 3.5 players at the local park. If you’re unsure of what you need from your tennis lesson MyTennisLessons is the best place to start.

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