Manage your tennis availability. Available / Not Available button.

What to do when you’re not available to play.

We are thrilled to announce a new feature that can help you manage your availability.

When you are away, busy or traveling, and would like to stop receiving match invites from other players, you can easily change your Tennis Round profile status to Not Available.

To do this you can just login to your profile and click the green Available to play button beside your profile picture. With just one simple click, the toggle will then read Not available.

See, it only takes a sec!

This is what your profile looks like when you’re Available.

This is what your profile looks like when you’re Not available.

By doing this you will no longer appear in Tennis Round search results. And you will not have to completely delete your account.

Don’t worry, all players you have already been in touch with will still be able to message you.

When you are ready to start playing again, you can turn on your availability by clicking the same button to read Available to play. This way, you can start showing up again in search results, so other players can find you.

And, please remember:
1) Use your primary email, or one that you check often, so you don’t miss out on match invites. If you want to change it, you can Update your profile

2) Report your scores after each match, so you can earn a place in the official Tennis Round player rankings Leaderboard.

3) Update your phone number in your Profile so you can get text (SMS) alerts when you get a new invite or a message. Of course, if you want to disable SMS later – no problem. You can do that from Notifications Settings (top right dropdown when you login).

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