Buy a t-shirt, support Tennis Round’s IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just started our first Tennis Round fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo. Our perks include t-shirts, Pebble Smart Watches, stickers and Free Subscriptions to our Premium Plan. If you buy one of those perks you’ll support our campaign.

Visit our campaign to learn more >>

Over the last 4 years we’ve grown the Tennis Round community to include players from over 4,000 cities nationwide in the U.S.

Our goal now is to raise funds to grow the site and build the new features our members have asked us for – doubles, mixed doubles, leagues and tournaments, player matching (by gender, age, match results, availability), court reviews and ratings.

Watch our quick video here >> 

We hope you will find our story compelling and contribute to the campaign, so we can continue to build the site and grow the tennis community. Pricing for t-shirts is from $20 to $40 and some include Free Subscriptions to our Premium Plan, which is normally $29 per year.

Here’s a quick preview of some of our t-shirt designs:

Please consider making a contribution today! When you buy one of our official t-shirts or Pebble Smart Watches you’ll be directly supporting the growth and development of Tennis Round, and get to keep a cool souvenir for youself.

Visit our campaign to select a t-shirt >>

To see more t-shirt designs, review the other perks including Pebble Smart Watches with fitness apps and changing watch faces, and to learn more about our fundraising initiative, visit our official IndieGoGo page:

Visit our campaign to select a perk and make a contribution >>


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