Rafael Nadal’s tennis techniques

Being stuck at a certain skill level is due to bad playing habits, mistakes and inefficient strategy. Determining the maximum hitting zone, serving technique and practicing the back scratch are just the basic serve techniques that can help you get started. The right techniques and consistent practice will eventually build a great serve.

Many players build great technique to become the greatest talents to grace the tennis sport. Their grace and skills are admired by many. Rafael Nadal, a 24 year old Spaniard, who won his ninth Grand Slam singles title at theUSopen, is the youngest tennis player to capture a career Grand slam. He’s also a five time champion of the French open. He ranked number 1 by the Associations of Tennis Professionals and his success on clay earned him the name “King of Clay”. He had a 32 match winning streak in 2008 starting at the 2008 Masters Series Hamburg, the French Open, the Queen’s club, his first ever title at Wimbledon, and Rogers Cup. He also won seven tournaments in a row at the ATP level.

But what are Nadal’s real secret techniques that made him climb to the top? He plays aggressively behind the base line with heavy top spin ground strokes. He is consistent, fast, and has great court coverage. His mental toughness and tactical approach are additional advantages to his strength. All of these abilities make him an outstanding tennis athlete.

With Rafael Nadal winning titles, it is quite tempting to try to emulate his technique, and strokes. Use the right equipment and keep your eyes on ball. Concentrate and you’re your confidence level high as you keep the right grip on your racket and utilizing proper foot work. “Wrong footwork, bad hand grip as well as incompetent strokes will affect the quality of the game and could hurt your back as well”, Rafael Nadal once advised.

Make sure you have control over your emotions and do not lose your temper on the court. Temper makes you lose focus. This is one of the best techniques applied by Rafael Nadal.

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The Most Expensive Tennis Racket

Are you one of those tennis enthusiasts out there? If so, then maybe you are just as keen at looking after your tennis racket as it also, somehow, proves that having a strong tennis racket also contributes to enhanced tennis performance.

If you are a serious tennis player, having a strong and durable tennis racket is really important. Do you also know that a tennis racket can come with a high price tag? It’s a pleasure to tell you that the world’s most expensive racket is called the “tennis gold racket” weighing 8.8 pounds and has been studded with 1,700 diamonds. It is conceived that this racket is an award for anyone who can win the tournament many times in several years.

The racket tale started at the Diamond Games tournament in Antwerp, Belgium where Amelei Mauresmo defeated Kim Clijsters. She had won the tournament and got the trophy three times in for five years. Mauresmo’s idiosyncratic trophies have been impressive as much of her play tournament with the addition of diamond tennis racket.

Her racket is the world’s most expensive tennis racket with a record setting value of $1,300,000.00 U.S Dollars. Weighing 8.8 pounds and studded with 1,700 diamonds, it is not a wonder why this racket had become the world’s most expensive racket to date. Most Chinese perceive that this has been Amelei Mauresmo’s lucky charm or winning material.

According to studies, the racket was first seen in a Ryan jewelry company and has become a treasure of Antwerp HRD Diamond museum –“ZuanheBei Antwerp award in the tennis championship. Chongqing is the world’s most authoritative diamond accrediting agency jointly sponsored by China and third at the Beijing Shanghai exhibition where the world’s most expensive tennis racket was shipped by professional tennis Guard Company. The golden racket was first displayed at Chongqing .

If Venus Williams, a tennis player entered the Proximus Diamonds Games in 2006, she could have had the chance to play tennis using the golden racket, but she withdrew two days before the tournament.

Perhaps, the golden racket is meant for Amelei Mauresmo and she’s destined to win using this expensive tennis racket.

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Strange Places to Play Tennis

Even renowned tennis professional players have ridiculous experiences. You may even chuckle to find out that Roger Federer of Switzerland has an eccentric enthrallment playing tennis in odd places.

Just imagine how Roger Federer and Andre Agassi of USA played tennis 692 feet above the ground.

That was exactly what happened one afternoon during their stay in Buri Al Arab Hotel in Dubai on February 22, 2005 when they were in preparation for the first Dubai Duty Free Men’s Open. The 321 meters high luxury hotel that stands on a man-made island became historical when the two players enjoyed their unique experience playing tennis on the Helipad.

The 4,467 square-foot Helipad turned into a grass tennis court for the two players when they made their “unusual warm up”. According to Federer, it was an absolutely spectacular treat to play on top of the luxury hotel overlooking Dubai.

Federer also played on the water front of The Elbe River in Central Europe with Tommy Haas in a floating court.

Playing tennis on a court that was definitely moving, Federer said that a game with Tommy was a lot of fun. With the waves and cool breeze, they had to be quicker to get good rallies against the stirring surface. In front of 15,000 people watching the game from the harbor, the two players played a match during a Hamburg Harbour anniversary.

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Tennis Round on the iPad 2

I just tried Tennis Round on the new iPad 2. It’s super fast and responsive (both the site and the device). The list of courts refreshes almost instantaneously when you drag the map. Tooltips pop up at the touch of a finger tip (imagine that!).  Works much like an app, though it’s a website.

Tennis Courts in NYC on the iPad 2 - Tennis Round

Tennis Courts in NYC

Looking for tennis players and sorting by skill level works fine, too. Though it comes with a funny behavior (it’s not an app after all) from clicking on the Invite Player link – you have to click twice before you can compose a tennis invite.

Tennis Round on iPad 2 - Tennis Players

Tennis Players in San Francisco on iPad 2

If you’re just finding out about Tennis Round – register for free to find tennis players in your city.

Tennis Tooltips

They say little things can make a big difference. One little thing that was missing from the tennis courts map was the tooltip, with details about each tennis court facility. People would often ask “What are these red dots on the map? The green bubbles must be the tennis courts in the list, but what are these red dots?”

Well, guess what – the red dots are tennis courts, too. And now you can click on them to see a tooltip with the court’s info – private or public (paid or free), lights for night play or not lighted, if it’s indoor or outdoor, number of courts, name and address.

If you need more info, like phone number or would like to email the link to this court to someone, the court’s name hyperlink will take you to it’s profile page. Where available, you can also see the court’s “street view” and get an idea of the location’s parking and driving situation. “Street view” is one of my favorite features, especially if I’m going somewhere for the first time.

1) Click on red dot on map

2) Click on court name link to go to it’s profile page

tooltip for red dot on tennis map

red dots and tooltips

Of course, clicking on the green bubbles does the same thing, it shows a tooltip.

1) Click on the green bubble on map

2) Click on court name link, if you need more info

tooltips on tennis map

tooltips on tennis map

We use the green bubbles to reference the courts in the list on the left. And because there’s only room for 10 listings, we select only the ones in the center of the map. If you’d drag the map, the courts in the center would change, and the list on the left would refresh. Just drag the map to search for courts. And if you clicked on the court name link in the tooltip (2), you’d land on the court’s profile page, in this case it’s the South Austin Tennis Center.

South Austin Tennis Center Profile Page

South Austin Tennis Center Profile Page

How to Use Tennis Round to Find a Tennis Partner

In this brief video clip you will see how to use Tennis Round to find a local tennis partner at your skill level.

The movie also shows how to drag the map to find tennis courts in your area, how to save favorite courts by clicking the star icon, how to invite tennis players, and send or receive messages when scheduling a match. You can filter local players by skill level, gender or proximity.

Click here to watch this cool movie.

Find a Tennis Partner on Tennis Round – Video

This brief tennis partner video tutorial demonstrates how you can find suitable tennis players in your area and invite them to play. If there’s no one in your area yet (which is likely, since it’s a brand new, 3 weeks old site), you can create your free account anyway, so the next person can find you. Tennis Round is an online match making portal for connecting similarly skilled tennis players and finding tennis courts.

When you sign up for your free profile, we will assign you the closest tennis court. This will help us display the closest tennis players for you, and ideally others who use the same court. You can keep that tennis court as your favorite, or change it to a different one, since the closest tennis court might not be the most convenient or in best condition. If you have more than one favorite court, you can add a few by clicking the star icon. To remove a favorite court, just click the star icon again.

The registration process is quick and easy. It gathers only the most relevant information that’s important for any tennis player – name, skill level, tennis court, gender, age. While age is not a huge factor in finding a compatible opponent, we need to make sure the site is not used by minors.

Visit our Tennis Round You Tube channel for more videos. They’re all High Definition and best viewed at 720p HD – you can adjust that setting in the bottom right corner of the You Tube display window from 360p to 720p.

To become findable in Tennis Round and be able to send tennis invitations to other players, sign up today at this registration link.

The US Open of Tweener Shots – Videos

I few days ago I was watching the latest Nike TV commercial, featuring Roger Federer explaining how to hit a shot between the legs, ending with a humorous word of advice from the Maestro: “Don’t try this at home. I am a professional”. Then almost right after that, I watched Federer hit that shot in live TV broadcast of his opening night match against Brian Dabu. Here’s a video of that tweener shot

John McEnroe thought that Federer’s between the legs shot against Djokovic last year was better, though the other commentator liked this years exhibit.

Today Francesca Schiavone hit another tweener shot and then went on to win that rally.

The 2010 US Open might go down in history as the tournament with the most tweener shot. At least the one with the most tweener shots that resulted in winning the rally, and then the whole match. Who knows, perhaps a shot between the legs spooks the other player ever more and forces a final surrender.

Watch the US Open Live online

This is high quality streaming video of live tennis matches from the 2010 US Open in New York: Link for US Open Live.

The tournament starts today, Aug 30, and the opening ceremony is tonight. Watch live tennis games right on your computer!