The Williams Sisters on French Open 2013


The French Open is up and about and can you guess who are going to play at the French Open? Who else but the astonishing Williams sisters – Serena and Venus and they will be partners for the fourth time at Roland Garros. A lot are asking if they are twins, FYI, they aren’t!

They both received wild card that’s why they are in this much awaited tournament. As per records, the sisters already won thirteen grand slams from the doubles.  If you can remember, they defeated Hingis and Kournikova last 1999 which opens the door to success. Then last January, they did not have the chance to get the victory over Errani and Vinci.  However, they both participate exceptionally as well as present a marvelous trick at all times that’s why they do not give up regardless of of losing on their last matches.

A total of 14 doubles teams will feed your eyes with remarkable strokes and serves on the upcoming amazing game as they were all awarded wild cards for the French Open. Let’s wait and see if the sisters will prevail particularly Venus as she is much skilled. We wish them good luck!

Anyone else here excited to watch the 2013 French Open?


Meet the new Ambassador of Porsche

Whenever we spot car commercials, shows, car racing events and the like more often than not men market and drive it. It makes them look more mannish when they drive cool cars and that it is very unusual that we see women advertise it except this time, our favorite car brand Porsche made a big change in the history as they got a fresh and a perfect model for a high-end car. The lucky girl is no other than the wonderful tennis player Maria Sharapova.

 Sharapova Porsche

(Photo: Getty Images)

She is the very first woman who will endorse it starting this year up to 2016 and on top of that she has the magic and the she is the only woman who can take hold of this marvelous opportunity said Mr. Matthias Mueller, CEO Porsche. The no.2 Tennis player had the chance to be the ambassador of Porsche effective last April 22, 2013. Just so you know she shielded her title in the Tennis Grand Prix and took home a White Porsche 911 last year in Stuttgart. What else can she ask for? She already has Sugarpova then at the moment Porsche, what else can she ask for?

Beyond doubt it is raining blessing on her all this time. Can you guys tell what’s next? We will surely looking forward to your next success!

The Match of Djokovic-Haas that shocked the world

Tommy Haas


Who doesn’t know this incredible tennis player who is also an ex-schoolmate of Arnold Schwarzenegger that gave a jaw-dropping match last Tuesday in opposition to Novak. Who would have thought that he can conquer our rank #1 player after so many years? The ball is beyond doubt round as if you could remember, Tommy Haas was ranked #2 way back 2002. It is indeed true that once a winner, always a winner furthermore he did not let down his fans with 6-2, 6-4 score. if truth be told, age does not matter when it comes to playing Tennis!  Maybe it is to some players but not with Haas we all observed that he played just like those times when he was on top of triumph in the world of Tennis.

Everyone was surprised when they saw Djokovic performed awfully in which the no.1 player admitted so. Moreover he even said that “it is the worst match he ever played in a long time”. Truly he did well on this match and serves up perfectly and for sure the fans are all thrilled and will definitely don’t let pass the quarterfinals.

Does Haas really deserve this win? What do you think? Can Tommy also overpower the other top Tennis players?

All about Andy Murray’s Techniques to Sony Open Victory


Everyone is talking about the most dramatic final this year!!!It is the Murray – Ferrer match and after winning in the year 2009, at last Murray go up to number 2 ranking as he defeated Ferrer 2-6, 6-4, 7-6 in the Sony Open. We all waited for this moment except for some of you had problems watching the first 20 minutes at CBS…

The match lasted for two hours and forty-five minutes with an overall of 15 breaks of serve. Ferrer thought it was his day but nah~ Murray didn’t let it to happen! Second set came but Ferrer had a hard time to play well simultaneously as everybody believes that he also needs to present extra constructive shots if he really wants to be the victor.


In contrast, the humble Murray quoted “If I’d served better I could have made it easier and that’s something I need to do better in the clay court season,” Just so you know Murray is the seventh competitor who won numerous titles in Miami and still pushy to be the most excellent player. Will he be in rank 1 next time? What can you say about this?

Both drained and in fierce conditions during the last set, they still gave what the audience wanted. You may say, it will not be effortless for Murray to win if Federer and Nadal did not pass over the tournament hence I am sure fans of the two marvelous players are all happy win or lose.


The Remarkable Moment of Sharapova

It was undeniably a thrilling day for Maria Sharapova as she won the Indian Wells title. What happened to Wozniacki? She played sound but it was not her day I reckon. The Russian girl showed various outstanding hits and techniques in playing Tennis even if she went through a vast pressure over Caroline Wozniacki. Furthermore we all noticed that she improved a lot since 2006 and we all expect that 🙂

It is without doubt a breath-taking match at the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament and she made Wozniacki run from side to side during the one hour and twenty minutes play. She truly believes that if you really work hard for something it will be paid off. Thanks to her coach – Robert Lansdorp without his help Sharapova will not make it to the top. Sharapova quoted “I went through different types of coaches but Robert helps out physically and mentally as well as he put my game in place” unquoted.

So if you are an aspiring player and loves Tennis so much, do not lose hope practice a lot and make her as one of your inspiration because you will never know sooner or later you will be a PRO like her.

Nike Women Launches Nike Training Camp #NTC with Serena Williams, features Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike, this year’s #1 Most Innovative Company according to FastCompany, has launched a new campaign around fitness and endurance. Serena Williams, the top female tennis player, has partnered with Nike to support the campaign under the tagline “You can become strong and powerful and beautiful”. Nike and Serena have developed a series of workout routines not just around tennis, but focused on core body strength using drills similar to Pilates exercises.


Serena is not only sporting cool Nike wear, but also impressive high tech gadgets like the Nike+ Fuel Band, which you can wear on your wrist and measure your daily steps and calories burned. Not only does it look like it’s part of the next Star Trek movie set, but it also tells time and earns Fuel points, an important bragging data point among its owners. Tennis players on Tennis Round could add another competition element to their list – Nike Fuel points. Or maybe we can even compare who takes fewer steps during a match and wins anyway!


Nike+ Fuel Band folks can see how they measure against their peers and claim the top spot for the day or the week, in terms of number of steps traveled or total calories burned. The super slick Nike+ FuelBand app has a stellar 5 star rating on the Apple App Store. It syncs effortlessly with the Band at the press of a button and displays performance data right on your iPhone, and is just a pleasure to work with.


Nike+ Fuel Band comes in black and white color, and in the white version you can even see the chips and electronics through the see-through material.

The Nike Training Camp #NTC app itself provides training routines and drills for athletes to use when customizing their workout.


Nike has left us very few excuses not to get out and train. Now to top it off, they’ve made us accountable to each other, as we’ll be sharing our activity data with our friends. So, when in doubt, check your Nike app to see if it’s time to get off the couch. Or just ask your friends.

For more information please visit Nike Women on Facebook:

The Secret of Rafael Nadal

After months of being injured, Rafael Nadal is totally playing well and did not upset his fans anymore after winning over Alund. If you can remember, after his Wimbledon trounce, Rafael Nadal had problems with his left knee, he had torn patella tendon to be exact and his fans got sad when they heard the news especially when he was not able to play in the Olympic Games. Sooner or later, he went through therapy and as a final point the remarkable Tennis player Rafael Nadal is back on track! He said “the feeling is so much better”, his first set was fantastic except that he got tired on the second one nevertheless it is the best 85 minutes of him playing tennis, no one can stop him from winning.

The Secret of Rafael Nadal

He is an inspiration. People look up to him and it gives him urge to do his best and be included in top 10 at all times. His next match will be an Argentine in Leonardo Mayer so let’s see if he persists to improve. He will also be playing hard-court events again in Miami and Indian Wells so keep posted!

Have you seen the latest Men rankings yet? Click here to see if your favorite player is still on rank number one.

Anyone else here excited to watch his next games?

What Everybody Ought to Know About Serena Williams

Who would not know the famous and greatest tennis player Serena Williams?! Her career started in 1995 and became a top 10 player during 1999-2001. She got the highest ranking in the year 2002 and I will not be surprised if she will continually get triumph. In 2010, she was on top both in singles and doubles and guess what, she’s the first player who accomplished a big bang in single division even though a lot of injuries and inconsistent scores came about.


On the photo above, you will witness her bliss after winning in opposition to the champion Petra Kvitova in their WTA Qatar Ladies Open tennis match in Qatar. Thrilling battle indeed! I was so sure that it’s only a piece of cake for her because she’s so excellent in playing Tennis. She’s the oldest woman who holds the WTA No. 1 and I was right! Serena Williams did it again against Petra Kvitova 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 in their last tournament.

No one can stop her as she goes forward and attain victory.  She is truly blessed with powerful hands and wit too. She is also an inspiration to the young generation.

How about you? Who is your favorite Tennis player? Have you watch the last tournament? I am excited and I can’t wait to watch their next game.

Rafael Nadal’s tennis techniques

Being stuck at a certain skill level is due to bad playing habits, mistakes and inefficient strategy. Determining the maximum hitting zone, serving technique and practicing the back scratch are just the basic serve techniques that can help you get started. The right techniques and consistent practice will eventually build a great serve.

Many players build great technique to become the greatest talents to grace the tennis sport. Their grace and skills are admired by many. Rafael Nadal, a 24 year old Spaniard, who won his ninth Grand Slam singles title at theUSopen, is the youngest tennis player to capture a career Grand slam. He’s also a five time champion of the French open. He ranked number 1 by the Associations of Tennis Professionals and his success on clay earned him the name “King of Clay”. He had a 32 match winning streak in 2008 starting at the 2008 Masters Series Hamburg, the French Open, the Queen’s club, his first ever title at Wimbledon, and Rogers Cup. He also won seven tournaments in a row at the ATP level.

But what are Nadal’s real secret techniques that made him climb to the top? He plays aggressively behind the base line with heavy top spin ground strokes. He is consistent, fast, and has great court coverage. His mental toughness and tactical approach are additional advantages to his strength. All of these abilities make him an outstanding tennis athlete.

With Rafael Nadal winning titles, it is quite tempting to try to emulate his technique, and strokes. Use the right equipment and keep your eyes on ball. Concentrate and you’re your confidence level high as you keep the right grip on your racket and utilizing proper foot work. “Wrong footwork, bad hand grip as well as incompetent strokes will affect the quality of the game and could hurt your back as well”, Rafael Nadal once advised.

Make sure you have control over your emotions and do not lose your temper on the court. Temper makes you lose focus. This is one of the best techniques applied by Rafael Nadal.

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The Most Expensive Tennis Racket

Are you one of those tennis enthusiasts out there? If so, then maybe you are just as keen at looking after your tennis racket as it also, somehow, proves that having a strong tennis racket also contributes to enhanced tennis performance.

If you are a serious tennis player, having a strong and durable tennis racket is really important. Do you also know that a tennis racket can come with a high price tag? It’s a pleasure to tell you that the world’s most expensive racket is called the “tennis gold racket” weighing 8.8 pounds and has been studded with 1,700 diamonds. It is conceived that this racket is an award for anyone who can win the tournament many times in several years.

The racket tale started at the Diamond Games tournament in Antwerp, Belgium where Amelei Mauresmo defeated Kim Clijsters. She had won the tournament and got the trophy three times in for five years. Mauresmo’s idiosyncratic trophies have been impressive as much of her play tournament with the addition of diamond tennis racket.

Her racket is the world’s most expensive tennis racket with a record setting value of $1,300,000.00 U.S Dollars. Weighing 8.8 pounds and studded with 1,700 diamonds, it is not a wonder why this racket had become the world’s most expensive racket to date. Most Chinese perceive that this has been Amelei Mauresmo’s lucky charm or winning material.

According to studies, the racket was first seen in a Ryan jewelry company and has become a treasure of Antwerp HRD Diamond museum –“ZuanheBei Antwerp award in the tennis championship. Chongqing is the world’s most authoritative diamond accrediting agency jointly sponsored by China and third at the Beijing Shanghai exhibition where the world’s most expensive tennis racket was shipped by professional tennis Guard Company. The golden racket was first displayed at Chongqing .

If Venus Williams, a tennis player entered the Proximus Diamonds Games in 2006, she could have had the chance to play tennis using the golden racket, but she withdrew two days before the tournament.

Perhaps, the golden racket is meant for Amelei Mauresmo and she’s destined to win using this expensive tennis racket.

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