Nike Women Launches Nike Training Camp #NTC with Serena Williams, features Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike, this year’s #1 Most Innovative Company according to FastCompany, has launched a new campaign around fitness and endurance. Serena Williams, the top female tennis player, has partnered with Nike to support the campaign under the tagline “You can become strong and powerful and beautiful”. Nike and Serena have developed a series of workout routines not just around tennis, but focused on core body strength using drills similar to Pilates exercises.


Serena is not only sporting cool Nike wear, but also impressive high tech gadgets like the Nike+ Fuel Band, which you can wear on your wrist and measure your daily steps and calories burned. Not only does it look like it’s part of the next Star Trek movie set, but it also tells time and earns Fuel points, an important bragging data point among its owners. Tennis players on Tennis Round could add another competition element to their list – Nike Fuel points. Or maybe we can even compare who takes fewer steps during a match and wins anyway!


Nike+ Fuel Band folks can see how they measure against their peers and claim the top spot for the day or the week, in terms of number of steps traveled or total calories burned. The super slick Nike+ FuelBand app has a stellar 5 star rating on the Apple App Store. It syncs effortlessly with the Band at the press of a button and displays performance data right on your iPhone, and is just a pleasure to work with.


Nike+ Fuel Band comes in black and white color, and in the white version you can even see the chips and electronics through the see-through material.

The Nike Training Camp #NTC app itself provides training routines and drills for athletes to use when customizing their workout.


Nike has left us very few excuses not to get out and train. Now to top it off, they’ve made us accountable to each other, as we’ll be sharing our activity data with our friends. So, when in doubt, check your Nike app to see if it’s time to get off the couch. Or just ask your friends.

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Hillaire Park Tennis Courts in Bellevue, WA

Another well maintained and groomed public tennis court in Bellevue is Hillaire Park at 15760 NE 4th St, Bellevue, WA 98008.

It has free parking in front, basketball field and even a paddle tennis court, which seems to get more action than the tennis courts themselves.

Water Fountain:

Hillaire Park tennis courts water fountain

Water Fountain at Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts:

Hillaire Park Tennis Courts

Hillaire Park Tennis Courts

Park Entrance:

Hillaire Park Entrance

Hillaire Park Entrance

Rest Rooms at Hillaire Park:

Hillaire Park tennis courts restrooms

Hillaire Park tennis courts restrooms

To find more public tennis courts in Seattle area or anywhere in the United States visit Tennis Round. Connect with tennis players in Bellevue or find a tennis partner in Seattle.