Longest Tennis Match

Using advantage set rules in the final set, French player Nicolas Mahut and John Isner of US played a record-breaking long match in the history of professional tennis during tournament in the 2010 Wimbledon. Having been played over three days on June 22, 23 and 24 of 2010, the match suddenly became the talk of town among the Wimbledon crowd and tennis enthusiasts.

The tournament that lasted for eleven hours and five minutes came to an end when Mahut moved toward the net and Isner hit a passing shot.  With spectators and fans around, there were 980 overall points and 183 total games. Isner won the final set at with 70-68 games in the fifth set.

The match, which became historical, started on Tuesday night and stretched over three days. It was suspended due to fading light during the first and second day of play. It was described as the endless match for the flabbergasted crowd. Giving a standing ovation for the two players, the fans were all happy to be part of this strikingly awesome match.

Hardly believing the match had ended, Isner was overwhelmed, almost collapsing on the tennis lawn before rising up again. He hurriedly acknowledged Mahut’s effort when he came toward him and the players enfolded over the net. Almost teary-eyed Mahut praised Isner and expressed his gratitude to all spectators and organizers, who patiently waited for the match to come to an end. During one of the interview after the match, Isner said he didn’t think it was really possible to have a match that lasted for that long and even thought it was a dream.

With this record-smashing longest match, Federer defined it as an absolutely amazing match. Even Andy Murray got surprised by the fight and how the two players made it that way.

View highlights of the tennis match

Longest match in history – Video

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Popular Tennis Shoes

Having a good quality pair of shoes is very important for a professional tennis player. It is quite true that a reinforced toe can help you win any game. Since tennis is literally a game that requires you to keep sturdy and dynamic, you definitely need a comfortable pair of shoes for your workout or tournament.

Playing tennis with outstanding precision, strength and consistency is a great advantage for every player to defeat his opponent. Likewise, every player needs perfect shoes when playing to avoid pinched toes and muscle cramps. Some of the most renowned tennis shoes to consider with good quality are Adidas, Nike and Puma shoes. Most of the world’s top tennis players use these brands and even agree that they fit just right, giving them opportunity to move faster.

For instance, world’s famous player Rafael Nadal wears Nike Air Max Breathe Cage shoes when he plays. Being one of his sponsors, Nike shoes remain to be popular as an ideal and top choice for both amateur and professional tennis players. The foot support and stability that Nike shoes can provide is an advantage for Nadal to actually make points and hit the ball. With its speed-oriented support, improved upper durability and air max cushioning, Nike shoes give highest level of performance for the player’s footwork.  During 2009 Australian Open, he wears Nike Air CourtBallistec 2.3 tennis shoes of modified variations with his name “Rafa” on the right shoe and a bull logo on the left throughout the season. And for the record, Nadal shoe size is 43.

Some of the legendary tennis icons who previously and currently sponsored by Nike is Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, James Blake, Lleyton Hewitt, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

Another shoe brand which is much coveted today is Adidas. It is actually considered as one among the best women’s tennis shoes that is efficient in providing comfort, style and support. Adidas has exceptional quality in preventing injury that makes the brand more in-demand not only for professional players but also for tennis enthusiasts and sporty people. Ana Ivanovic, WTA star, wears Adidas Barricades shoes with green stripes. Being the world’s biggest selling tennis shoes, Ivanovic has something to do with the success of Barricade line. As a matter of fact, Ivanovic has signed a lifetime contract with Adidas to promote the brand during her tennis career. To name a few professional tennis players who wear Adidas, we can say famous stars like Andrea Petkovic, Flavia Pennetta, Fernando Verdasco and Andy Murray.

When looking for a perfect pair of shoes to wear during tennis workout or match, there are three factors which greatly involved making the right option. There are actually effective ways on how to find the best brand and with wide range of online sport stores today, it is much easier for you to decide on the fit, quality and price of a perfect pair of tennis shoes.

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Longest Tennis Rally

There has been much information pertaining to the longest rally, but the most accurate so far was the 643 times over the net between players Vicki Nelson and Jean Hepner on September 24, 1984. More than twenty six years ago, this 643-shot rally lasted for 29 minutes and remains to be the longest point ever played in a professional tennis match. It happened during the first round of the much-coveted $50,000 Virginia Slims-sponsored Ginny tournament at the Raintree Swim and Racquet Club in Richmond, VA.

Nelson got the point after waiting for half an hour. She also won the match after 6 hours and 31 minutes of play. The match consisted of only two sets which led to a final score of 6-4, 7-6 (11).  Since she lobbed a lot, her coach told her to become steadier and more patient.

When Nelson was interviewed by popular host Robert Siegel, she said that she wasn’t thinking anything during the match, but just trying to get the ball back to Hepner. She just didn’t want to give up hoping her opponent won’t be able to keep on hitting the ball back to her.

According to The New York Times, John Packett, a local sportswriter in Virginia has started counting the shots for some reason. After the rally, Nelson bowed in leg cramps and the chair umpire strangely called a time-violation warning but she composed herself and got back to the baseline to continue the match.

It seemed ridiculous for Nelson that the game lasted for so long just to win a tennis match. She didn’t actually realize that the match ended after six and a half hours. People who were watching then basically left and didn’t wait for the final set. Nelson even said that it was the worst day of her life.

Nelson is now married to Keith Dubnar, a former professional tennis coach. They currently reside in Ohio and she remains involved in the sport. Hepner on the other hand, retired from the sport soon after that longest match and seldom had the chance to play again.

Curiously, if Hepner hadn’t won the legendary tennis rally, she might have had to play a third set and nobody knows how long the match would have lasted then.

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Fastest Serve in Tennis

For a true blooded tennis enthusiast, nothing really beats talking about cool and amusing stuff during a tennis tournament. It is quite amazing how Ivo Karlovic of Croatia broke the world record for fastest serve in the 4th set of 2011 Davis Cup. You could almost miss seeing it, for it was too quick. His serve is well-known to be a terrifying bludgeon on the men’s tournament as he fervently delivers his 156mph (251 km/h) serve. He actually broke the record of Andy Roddick who clocked 155mph (249.4 km/h) during 2004 Davis Cup.

Karlovic is the tallest player at 208cm (6 feet 10 inches) in professional tennis today. Taking the benefit of his height, he is greatly dependent on his serve and delivers many unreachable shots on the court. His initial serve has superior chance of coming in with a heightened direction from his racquet to the service line. Even without good volley, his serve can make a surefire victory with bad returns from his opponents. He has also mastered his serve, making it an offensive weapon to gain points and win the game completely.

With the unique style and speed of his serve, Karlovic became known for tie-breaking set. Since his serve is difficult for his opponents to break and most often he builds a serve-dominated game, it caused him to prolong most of his game. This is also the reason some players say they should be prepared for two tie-breaks, rather than two sets, when playing with Karlovic.

Some critic say, though, that he wouldn’t be able to become remarkable just by being a serve-only player. Surprisingly, he proved all his detractors wrong as he has defeated top players Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt, James Blake and Fernando Gonzalez. Another shining moment for him was when he almost beat Roger Federer in a game that ended with a tiebreaking set in the finals.

In many occasions, Karlovic said that he wanted to break the world record for fastest serve in a professional tennis tournament. He’s finally achieved the record of tennis’ fastest serve. He also shares the record for the third fastest serve of 153mph (246 km/h) with Andy Roddick and American tennis player, Roscoe Tanner.

Though Karlovic made the record-breaking fastest serve in professional tennis during this 2011 Davis Cup, he and his doubles partner Ivan Dodig were beaten by opponents Philipp Petzschner and Christopher Kas that gave Germany an overall lead of 2-1.

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Top 10 Cities on Tennis Round in 2010

Before we launched Tennis Round we wondered if we should roll it out in one particular city or state, before we introduced it to other cities.

Naturally, we did a bunch of research about which state and which city are the most active tennis places. The strongest candidates were Florida, Texas, California, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Atlanta and New York and the biggest cities in those states. In the end we decided to throw it out nationwide and see what happens.

Four months into it, we have some basic stats to share. Turns out, there’s more to tennis than overall tennis participation per capita, namely – technology. That is – where the most techy tennis players live.

You will notice that the top 4 cities are also the cities that happen to be some of the most wired places in the country, where people look at a screen for most of the day.

I’m surprised Boston didn’t make the cut, maybe they’re not looking for a tennis partner when they’re snowed under. I expected more from Miami, as I’d love to hit when I go on vacation, or if I move there (again). But after all, if they were looking at a computer as much as people do in Seattle or San Francisco, they’d have a website for the tennis ladder at the Flamingo Park Tennis Center in South Beach instead of a whiteboard with badges, and I would’ve never thought of building Tennis Round in the first place. They’re probably just too busy having a good time.

Here are the top 10 cities with the most Tennis Round members. They represent 174 players (29% of the 602 total).

City, State Members
San Francisco, CA 51
Seattle, WA 28
Austin, TX 17
New York, NY 15
Houston, TX 13
Los Angeles, CA 12
Oakland, CA 11
New Orleans, LA 10
Tucson, AZ 9
Chicago, IL 8
Total members in top 10
174 29%

P.S. This data is probably skewed by a thousand different things – seasonality, local presence and buzz, media coverage, etc. But thought it might worth sharing anyway.

map of tennis round registered  users

Geo distribution of Tennis Round's registered users Aug 22 - Dec 24, 2010