Top Seed Serena Williams into Semi Finals


The World’s number One Serena Williams produced another ruthless performance on Wednesday to reach the French Open semifinals at Roland Garros with a 6-1, 6-3 winning scores in a span of sixty five minutes contrary to Sara Errani. The aggressive Errani struggled on the first part and fought in her very best approach but then she had a troubled 15-0 scores. There were Ooohh’s and Ahhh’s from the best crowd while a forehand pass takes Serena to 15-30 scores. The thirty three year old American crowd’s favorite Serena Williams, finished off a definite victory on her fourth match point and just proved that she is too dominant for her Italian challenger. Errani did her best but it is still not enough for Williams’ clever approaches.

“It was very important for me to take a very good start,” said Williams, speaking in French during her on-court interview. “The last four French Opens in a row she’s been to the quarterfinals or better, so I knew I had to play very well today.”

Serena Williams is targeting her third title at Roland Garros, will then compete versus the twenty third seed and Switzerland’s favorite Timea Bacsinszky who won against Alison Van Uytvanck of Belgium with 6-4, 7-5 incredible scores.

The Real Reason Why Serena Williams withdraws from Rome


Everyone is excited to watch their favorite Tennis player perform in Rome when world’s number one defending champion, Serena Williams suddenly announced her withdrawal from the Italian Open on Thursday before her face off with fellow American Christina McHale in round three and her fans were truly sad and worried. The reason for withdrawing?

It’s because of her elbow injury. The champion said the injury first affected her at last week’s Madrid Open, where she lost to Petra Kvitova in the semis. She was like serving only 40% of her control and not serving the best and all she thinks is to be able to have a serve and hit the shots with assurance. Last year was terrible, Serena took five days off and practice for just one day or two before the tournament and that was not a good and healthy idea to face a competition.

According to the champion, this is now a good and right decision for the future as she does not want to do the same mistakes again as last year. She does not want her injury to get worse and have a problem during her next game. Our victor, Serena Williams guaranteed that she will prepare and give her 100% next time as she is smarter now and will not let anything ruin her strategies.

Nishikori into Barcelona Final


Another fantastic performance from the World’s No. 5 Kei Nishikori after winning against Slovakia’s Martin Klizan with 6-1, 6-2 scores on Saturday. Kei is now a step closer and finally got a spot to his Barcelona title. Indeed Kei Nishikori has the best hands of any player since Andre Agassi. No doubt, fans are getting more excited with the kind of moves and tactics Kei is showing on this match. To tell the truth, Nishikori is too much for Klizan. Even if the opponent is doing his best to catch the rhythm, Kei knows how to play the game. He is very difficult to beat! He don’t panic which only shows what a real champion should be.

He started the opening set with a bang and wowed the audience with his excellent moves in twenty eight minutes. Klizan took the risk by going back and forth duel but Nishikori gave his great serve, delicate drop shot and wrapped it up to Sunday’s final and will try to win his 2nd Straight Barcelona title tomorrow against the winner of the all-Spanish clash between David Ferrer and Pablo Andujar.

Well done Kei Nishikori! Barcelona title is waiting for you. You can do it!

The quickest way I know to win Shanghai title


He defended his title and won over the marvelous Rafael Nadal in Beijing, China. At that time, he gave all over again an amazing game and conquered Del Potro with 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 (3) in two hours and thirty two minutes. He then works hard and always gives his most excellent skills to win his games and never fail to offer spectacular shots. Do you already know who this remarkable tennis player is? Of course you do! It is no other than Novak Djokovic. In addition to that, a lot is presuming that he is in fact lucky on this play offs. What it is about China. Why Djokovic is getting lucky and so on and so forth.

There are so many questions of the former world number one Novak’s  fans but let’s just say that today is his chance and no one can stop him! In one interview, he modestly said “I believe the game had an incredible final. I’m just very delighted to go out as a vanquisher from the tennis court from such a close match with scores 7-3. Nadal is playing wonderfully and even stronger and every person hopes that Djokovic will not fail and that he will end the tournament gloriously.

Rafael Nadal – King of New York


Everyone was amazed as the King of New York – Rafael Nadal overpowered Novak Djokovic to be the victor of the US Open for the second time with 6-2, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1. Even if he is playing with the top player in the world of tennis and that player is doing the whole thing right in the court, he will shock you with his power of hitting the tennis ball and return it effortlessly. Having thirteen glam slam titles, will you be of the same opinion that he is without a doubt the greatest male tennis player of all time?

He took seven months to rest because of his knee injury, and who would have thought that it was his way to success and that he will improved and play better than ever. Nadal also mentioned in an interview that he had to be almost perfect to win the game – “It means a lot for me have this trophy with me today. It’s just amazing. I’m very, very happy, and I just say thank you very much to everybody who helped me to make that possible. It’s a really special moment for me.”

Strategy wise, he really fiddles with his performance as well as his movements to strike the ace. Some call him Leonardo da Vinci of Tennis or Albert Einstein of tennis nevertheless Nadal is a great thinker and he really knows how to play his game.

Congrats Rafa!

Little Known Ways to Roger Federer vs. Daniel Brands


It is time to get your popcorn and drinks, sit back and relax as Federer will be playing for the first time at Gstaad since 2004. The marvelous Roger Federer mission is to get a hold of the title and his grand 10th triumph on Thursday. The whole thing is all set because the 31 year old tennis player will meet head-on with Daniel Brands the second time around. If you remember, the 6’5” tall Brands who enjoy playing and watching amazing football and hockey play-offs won in three sets last week in Hamburg with a spectacular 36 63 62 score and have also reached the quarter-finals this year.

Even though it was the second instance that Federer got defeated by those who are outside of the top 100 plus some are oppose with this match nevertheless no one can stop the 5th rank Federer. He is optimistic the same as Lleyton Hewitt seeing that they grew up in tennis together. He even said in a discussion that his rank is not an important issue and that his motivation has hit the highest point.

A lot of pressure is in front of Roger Federer but we are all certain that he is excited, eager to give all his best and most of all ready to win.

Maria Sharapova and her new coach


(c) Telegraph

After amazing three years of working with Swede Thomas Hogstedt, they finally parted ways for the reason that Hogstedt will no longer be able to travel in upcoming games. Sharapova declared that she will be under Jimmy Connors care. Just so you know, Sharapova worked with American Connors in 2008, just before the Australian Open as well as Connors coached Andy Roddick which he helped reach the final of the US Open in 2006.


As seen on Connor’s twitter account:  “Excited to be working with four-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. Adding to that number is the goal. I am looking forward to some fun & hard work!”

Maria said she is very thrilled in relation to their new affiliation and can’t wait for the next play offs.  This is exciting news to all Sharapova’s fans knowing that Connors already won five US Open titles, Wimbledon twice and the Australian Open once as a player, topping the world rankings from July 1974 to August 1977, world number two Maria Sharapova the remarkable tennis player will be in good hands and will be more marvelous as her relationship and tennis life expedition with the awesome coach begins.

Is He the Next Big Thing?


This is outrageous news to every tennis fans as Roger Federer lost the game with 6-7, 7-6, 7-5 and 7-6. Everybody was stunned seeing that Sergey Stakhovsky finally got the victory as he let all of us to see his enormous moves on a thrilling day three.  It felt like it is the end of the world for Roger’s supporters. Out of the blue but it is the reality!

Stakhovsky confesses that he is anxious while trying to strike Federer.  At the same time everyone knows how good Roger is in playing tennis so there is a lot pressure on him. He also added that he can finally say to his grandchildren that “his moves are better than Federer and that he have magic hands ha-ha”. In the present day, a lot of Sergey fans are asking is he the next big thing? Can he win his next match?

Despondently, ATP No. 3 fans were disappointed and taken aback but no one can tell what will happen after that. Federer plays without a flaw and we know he will not let this happen again so let’s see on his next match if he can wipe away this terrible moment? Can Federer still win a further Grand Slam? What do you think?

Of Tennis And Metal Sculpting, a Story by Clay Hoffman

Clay Hoffman is one of the many wonderful personalities, who are part of Tennis Round, and in addition to playing tennis, he likes to build art from metal. Check out his cool YouTube video channel:

Here’s his story in his own words.

“I had gone my whole childhood without every swinging a tennis racket. It was around 1976, after I had graduated from High School that I was at a neighbors garage sale, Pete had a fancy composite racket for sale and he told me “you will impress people just walking on to the court with this racket.” I purchased the racket for a couple bucks and headed down the road. As fate would have it, I stopped in at another garage sale and at this garage sale I found a paperback book on how to play tennis. Now I had a tennis book and a racket, my next step forward was finding some friends who played tennis. I was severely thrashed for the next couple of years until I got my game together. I will never forget this game I won, the other guy got so made at losing he smashed his racket on the court, breaking the frame. Now many years later, I have had many excellent matches with many excellent friends. I am not a super competitive person, but it is a lot of fun to get out there and mix it up.

About the same time I started playing tennis, I started metal sculpting. After High School, I took some welding classes at the local community college. A friend helped me get a job welding in a factory making wood stoves. This friend had a welding set at home and he let me come over and work at making metal sculptures.

metal sculpting

My first sculptures were little motorcycles that had spinning wheels, and rotating front forks. A neighbor liked my metal work and commissioned me to make a tree-scape for over his fireplace. I made a couple practice trees and got his okay to make a forest of them. Around this time I entered my practice trees in a local art show. I received first place for the nonprofessional sculpture category. So here I am, I got a paid for the commission, and I received a first place award at the show, I figured fame and fortune awaited me in the art world. Now over 35 years later I am still chasing the dream of fame and fortune, it always seems as though it is just around the next corner. I have achieved many personal successes, one of which is where I teach children in schools how to draw cartoons, and how to make wire frame sculptures. I have a web site that is in desperate need of major updating. There are a couple nice pictures of some of my earlier work, but nothing has been uploaded for many years. If you want to see the really new stuff, you need to come over for a studio tour.

Who is the king of Tennis – Nadal or Djokovic

Your beloved guys’ tennis players Nadal and Djokovic are trending now on Twitter and other social networking sites. Who among you have seen this nerve-wrecking and jaw-dropping moment on their showdown? Are you Team Rafa or Team Novak?

C’mon, both are beyond awesome players so it’s definitely worth-watching. But if you miss it, you’re losing half of your life.


 Subsequent to Nadal’s return from an injury after seven months, as usual he did not frustrate his fans and just show that Rafael Nadal is truly inevitable. He finally gives you an idea about how he really plays and how he overpowered our Mr. Rank #1 with 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7, 9-7.

In point of fact tennis life would be boring without these two remarkable players. Nevertheless, champion will be a champion so King of Clay always keep in mind – Do not be uncertain to go for the eight!  

The earth is really round, sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are at the bottom and we cannot do anything about it.  I guess we just have to say congrats to Nadal!! For sure a lot of people are very in high spirits with his victory.  Vamos Rafa and good luck to your career, Djokovic!!!