Is He the Next Big Thing?


This is outrageous news to every tennis fans as Roger Federer lost the game with 6-7, 7-6, 7-5 and 7-6. Everybody was stunned seeing that Sergey Stakhovsky finally got the victory as he let all of us to see his enormous moves on a thrilling day three.  It felt like it is the end of the world for Roger’s supporters. Out of the blue but it is the reality!

Stakhovsky confesses that he is anxious while trying to strike Federer.  At the same time everyone knows how good Roger is in playing tennis so there is a lot pressure on him. He also added that he can finally say to his grandchildren that “his moves are better than Federer and that he have magic hands ha-ha”. In the present day, a lot of Sergey fans are asking is he the next big thing? Can he win his next match?

Despondently, ATP No. 3 fans were disappointed and taken aback but no one can tell what will happen after that. Federer plays without a flaw and we know he will not let this happen again so let’s see on his next match if he can wipe away this terrible moment? Can Federer still win a further Grand Slam? What do you think?

Of Tennis And Metal Sculpting, a Story by Clay Hoffman

Clay Hoffman is one of the many wonderful personalities, who are part of Tennis Round, and in addition to playing tennis, he likes to build art from metal. Check out his cool YouTube video channel:

Here’s his story in his own words.

“I had gone my whole childhood without every swinging a tennis racket. It was around 1976, after I had graduated from High School that I was at a neighbors garage sale, Pete had a fancy composite racket for sale and he told me “you will impress people just walking on to the court with this racket.” I purchased the racket for a couple bucks and headed down the road. As fate would have it, I stopped in at another garage sale and at this garage sale I found a paperback book on how to play tennis. Now I had a tennis book and a racket, my next step forward was finding some friends who played tennis. I was severely thrashed for the next couple of years until I got my game together. I will never forget this game I won, the other guy got so made at losing he smashed his racket on the court, breaking the frame. Now many years later, I have had many excellent matches with many excellent friends. I am not a super competitive person, but it is a lot of fun to get out there and mix it up.

About the same time I started playing tennis, I started metal sculpting. After High School, I took some welding classes at the local community college. A friend helped me get a job welding in a factory making wood stoves. This friend had a welding set at home and he let me come over and work at making metal sculptures.

metal sculpting

My first sculptures were little motorcycles that had spinning wheels, and rotating front forks. A neighbor liked my metal work and commissioned me to make a tree-scape for over his fireplace. I made a couple practice trees and got his okay to make a forest of them. Around this time I entered my practice trees in a local art show. I received first place for the nonprofessional sculpture category. So here I am, I got a paid for the commission, and I received a first place award at the show, I figured fame and fortune awaited me in the art world. Now over 35 years later I am still chasing the dream of fame and fortune, it always seems as though it is just around the next corner. I have achieved many personal successes, one of which is where I teach children in schools how to draw cartoons, and how to make wire frame sculptures. I have a web site that is in desperate need of major updating. There are a couple nice pictures of some of my earlier work, but nothing has been uploaded for many years. If you want to see the really new stuff, you need to come over for a studio tour.

Who is the king of Tennis – Nadal or Djokovic

Your beloved guys’ tennis players Nadal and Djokovic are trending now on Twitter and other social networking sites. Who among you have seen this nerve-wrecking and jaw-dropping moment on their showdown? Are you Team Rafa or Team Novak?

C’mon, both are beyond awesome players so it’s definitely worth-watching. But if you miss it, you’re losing half of your life.


 Subsequent to Nadal’s return from an injury after seven months, as usual he did not frustrate his fans and just show that Rafael Nadal is truly inevitable. He finally gives you an idea about how he really plays and how he overpowered our Mr. Rank #1 with 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7, 9-7.

In point of fact tennis life would be boring without these two remarkable players. Nevertheless, champion will be a champion so King of Clay always keep in mind – Do not be uncertain to go for the eight!  

The earth is really round, sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are at the bottom and we cannot do anything about it.  I guess we just have to say congrats to Nadal!! For sure a lot of people are very in high spirits with his victory.  Vamos Rafa and good luck to your career, Djokovic!!!

The Williams Sisters on French Open 2013


The French Open is up and about and can you guess who are going to play at the French Open? Who else but the astonishing Williams sisters – Serena and Venus and they will be partners for the fourth time at Roland Garros. A lot are asking if they are twins, FYI, they aren’t!

They both received wild card that’s why they are in this much awaited tournament. As per records, the sisters already won thirteen grand slams from the doubles.  If you can remember, they defeated Hingis and Kournikova last 1999 which opens the door to success. Then last January, they did not have the chance to get the victory over Errani and Vinci.  However, they both participate exceptionally as well as present a marvelous trick at all times that’s why they do not give up regardless of of losing on their last matches.

A total of 14 doubles teams will feed your eyes with remarkable strokes and serves on the upcoming amazing game as they were all awarded wild cards for the French Open. Let’s wait and see if the sisters will prevail particularly Venus as she is much skilled. We wish them good luck!

Anyone else here excited to watch the 2013 French Open?


Meet the new Ambassador of Porsche

Whenever we spot car commercials, shows, car racing events and the like more often than not men market and drive it. It makes them look more mannish when they drive cool cars and that it is very unusual that we see women advertise it except this time, our favorite car brand Porsche made a big change in the history as they got a fresh and a perfect model for a high-end car. The lucky girl is no other than the wonderful tennis player Maria Sharapova.

 Sharapova Porsche

(Photo: Getty Images)

She is the very first woman who will endorse it starting this year up to 2016 and on top of that she has the magic and the she is the only woman who can take hold of this marvelous opportunity said Mr. Matthias Mueller, CEO Porsche. The no.2 Tennis player had the chance to be the ambassador of Porsche effective last April 22, 2013. Just so you know she shielded her title in the Tennis Grand Prix and took home a White Porsche 911 last year in Stuttgart. What else can she ask for? She already has Sugarpova then at the moment Porsche, what else can she ask for?

Beyond doubt it is raining blessing on her all this time. Can you guys tell what’s next? We will surely looking forward to your next success!

The Match of Djokovic-Haas that shocked the world

Tommy Haas


Who doesn’t know this incredible tennis player who is also an ex-schoolmate of Arnold Schwarzenegger that gave a jaw-dropping match last Tuesday in opposition to Novak. Who would have thought that he can conquer our rank #1 player after so many years? The ball is beyond doubt round as if you could remember, Tommy Haas was ranked #2 way back 2002. It is indeed true that once a winner, always a winner furthermore he did not let down his fans with 6-2, 6-4 score. if truth be told, age does not matter when it comes to playing Tennis!  Maybe it is to some players but not with Haas we all observed that he played just like those times when he was on top of triumph in the world of Tennis.

Everyone was surprised when they saw Djokovic performed awfully in which the no.1 player admitted so. Moreover he even said that “it is the worst match he ever played in a long time”. Truly he did well on this match and serves up perfectly and for sure the fans are all thrilled and will definitely don’t let pass the quarterfinals.

Does Haas really deserve this win? What do you think? Can Tommy also overpower the other top Tennis players?

The Remarkable Moment of Sharapova

It was undeniably a thrilling day for Maria Sharapova as she won the Indian Wells title. What happened to Wozniacki? She played sound but it was not her day I reckon. The Russian girl showed various outstanding hits and techniques in playing Tennis even if she went through a vast pressure over Caroline Wozniacki. Furthermore we all noticed that she improved a lot since 2006 and we all expect that 🙂

It is without doubt a breath-taking match at the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament and she made Wozniacki run from side to side during the one hour and twenty minutes play. She truly believes that if you really work hard for something it will be paid off. Thanks to her coach – Robert Lansdorp without his help Sharapova will not make it to the top. Sharapova quoted “I went through different types of coaches but Robert helps out physically and mentally as well as he put my game in place” unquoted.

So if you are an aspiring player and loves Tennis so much, do not lose hope practice a lot and make her as one of your inspiration because you will never know sooner or later you will be a PRO like her.