Federer takes Swiss to Victory


Roger Federer strikes again and this time he cannot count his achievements anymore. He is indeed the king  of tennis and everyone is so proud of him. Roger Federer win against Richard Gasquet with 6-4, 6-2 scores in one hour and fifty two minutes. Federer was in tears at the end of the match but this time is it tears of joy and he is giving everyone a remarkable moment. “This one is for the boys,” said Federer “This is not for me, I have won enough he added in one interview. Over sixteen years he added this victory to his seventeen majors and other garlands. On the fifth set, Gasquet gave all his best with evidence of sweat dripping from his brow but unfortunately it is not  a lucky day for Richard Gasquet as the marvelous Roger Federer controls the game. Federer stayed calm and assures his fans that he will bring home the victory and he succeed. Moreover the history has been sealed; in the end Roger Federer fell to the clay and blubbed like a baby plus a world record crowd of 27,448 watched Federer be the victor , beating the previous record of 27,432 set on Friday’s opening day.

What you Should KNow about the Masters of Tennis


The 2011 champion and master Roger Federer won against the talented 176th ranked Lucas Pouille in straight sets with 6-4, 6-4 scores and will forward to quarter finals of the Paris Masters together with master Novak Djokovic . Pouille did his best on some rounds but still Federer sealed his triumph with a deep serve. Roger Federer strikes with great shots but he definitely needs to improve his speed compared to Pouille’s. Nevertheless this does not stop Federer for taking home the bacon. Unquestionably Federer’s supporters are glad with the results and enjoyed this breath-taking match.

On the other hand, Novak Djokovic won also a straight set in opposition to Gael Monfils with 6-3, 7-6 scores in one hour and thirty two minutes. During their 11th meeting, Monfils did everything to win the game but still master Djokovic reigns. While David Ferrer is still on the right track and swept the Spanish Fernando Verdasco with 6-1, 6-2 scores. Fans are looking forward to see him in the semi-finals for the sure spot and will face the amazing Kei Nishikori. Nishikori once said in an interview; “I have speed and good footwork, and I think that’s tennis. Everybody plays different way, and I think that’s the fun thing, also for the crowd.”

Let’s wish them all luck and hoping for the best and most thrilling game in the tennis world.

The Amazing Ideas of Roger Federer



He was born to win! Roger Federer as well as his fans is very optimistic that next year will be a great year for them. The thirty-two year old Swiss is not losing hope even if he went through a lot of struggles this year moreover indeed it has been tough for him but no one can bring it to an end. In fact, he is looking forward and preparing for next year.

Federer added “As long as I’m physically and mentally fine, there’s no reason for me not to be taking part in the big matches. That’s what I’m looking forward to in 2014, to be part of those matches.” Truly he is a confident one just like Novak Djokovic who never seems to disappear on big tournaments as well as Andy Murray who plays tennis seriously and lastly Rafael Nadal who obviously shocked all tennis fans for his blockbuster come back, Roger Federer should make sure that he is 101% prepared mentally and physically to achieve victory again. He may be ranked number 7 today but we will never know what 2014 have for him. He must stay positive and should really work the hardest that he can in every aspect and everything will fall into right place. 

Federer and his secret to achievement


Much loved and 32 year old seventeen time victor Roger Federer finally shares his secret to his success in Tennis world. Kids adore him and a lot of his fans waits for his updates as well as never fail to witness his match. Beyond doubt he is a role model to one and all but what is his real secret and what encourage him? At US Open, he stated that for the most part, you have to give your 100% shot in every competition. You should prepare yourself physically and mentally.

“The love for the game needs to be there.  If you’re going to go through the grind of organization, of traveling, and going through practice and doing media and all that stuff, you need to have passion,” Roger Federer is here to enjoy the contest and give remarkable moves for his fans as he knows how many chances he has to play in a prime stadium. With a victory over Slovenian Grega Zemlja on Arthur Ashe and will face Spain’s Tommy Robredo in the round of 16, win or lose what really matter to him is he love what he is doing and where is he right now.

Little Known Ways to Roger Federer vs. Daniel Brands


It is time to get your popcorn and drinks, sit back and relax as Federer will be playing for the first time at Gstaad since 2004. The marvelous Roger Federer mission is to get a hold of the title and his grand 10th triumph on Thursday. The whole thing is all set because the 31 year old tennis player will meet head-on with Daniel Brands the second time around. If you remember, the 6’5” tall Brands who enjoy playing and watching amazing football and hockey play-offs won in three sets last week in Hamburg with a spectacular 36 63 62 score and have also reached the quarter-finals this year.

Even though it was the second instance that Federer got defeated by those who are outside of the top 100 plus some are oppose with this match nevertheless no one can stop the 5th rank Federer. He is optimistic the same as Lleyton Hewitt seeing that they grew up in tennis together. He even said in a discussion that his rank is not an important issue and that his motivation has hit the highest point.

A lot of pressure is in front of Roger Federer but we are all certain that he is excited, eager to give all his best and most of all ready to win.

Is He the Next Big Thing?


This is outrageous news to every tennis fans as Roger Federer lost the game with 6-7, 7-6, 7-5 and 7-6. Everybody was stunned seeing that Sergey Stakhovsky finally got the victory as he let all of us to see his enormous moves on a thrilling day three.  It felt like it is the end of the world for Roger’s supporters. Out of the blue but it is the reality!

Stakhovsky confesses that he is anxious while trying to strike Federer.  At the same time everyone knows how good Roger is in playing tennis so there is a lot pressure on him. He also added that he can finally say to his grandchildren that “his moves are better than Federer and that he have magic hands ha-ha”. In the present day, a lot of Sergey fans are asking is he the next big thing? Can he win his next match?

Despondently, ATP No. 3 fans were disappointed and taken aback but no one can tell what will happen after that. Federer plays without a flaw and we know he will not let this happen again so let’s see on his next match if he can wipe away this terrible moment? Can Federer still win a further Grand Slam? What do you think?

Popular Tennis Shoes

Having a good quality pair of shoes is very important for a professional tennis player. It is quite true that a reinforced toe can help you win any game. Since tennis is literally a game that requires you to keep sturdy and dynamic, you definitely need a comfortable pair of shoes for your workout or tournament.

Playing tennis with outstanding precision, strength and consistency is a great advantage for every player to defeat his opponent. Likewise, every player needs perfect shoes when playing to avoid pinched toes and muscle cramps. Some of the most renowned tennis shoes to consider with good quality are Adidas, Nike and Puma shoes. Most of the world’s top tennis players use these brands and even agree that they fit just right, giving them opportunity to move faster.

For instance, world’s famous player Rafael Nadal wears Nike Air Max Breathe Cage shoes when he plays. Being one of his sponsors, Nike shoes remain to be popular as an ideal and top choice for both amateur and professional tennis players. The foot support and stability that Nike shoes can provide is an advantage for Nadal to actually make points and hit the ball. With its speed-oriented support, improved upper durability and air max cushioning, Nike shoes give highest level of performance for the player’s footwork.  During 2009 Australian Open, he wears Nike Air CourtBallistec 2.3 tennis shoes of modified variations with his name “Rafa” on the right shoe and a bull logo on the left throughout the season. And for the record, Nadal shoe size is 43.

Some of the legendary tennis icons who previously and currently sponsored by Nike is Andre Agassi, Roger Federer, James Blake, Lleyton Hewitt, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

Another shoe brand which is much coveted today is Adidas. It is actually considered as one among the best women’s tennis shoes that is efficient in providing comfort, style and support. Adidas has exceptional quality in preventing injury that makes the brand more in-demand not only for professional players but also for tennis enthusiasts and sporty people. Ana Ivanovic, WTA star, wears Adidas Barricades shoes with green stripes. Being the world’s biggest selling tennis shoes, Ivanovic has something to do with the success of Barricade line. As a matter of fact, Ivanovic has signed a lifetime contract with Adidas to promote the brand during her tennis career. To name a few professional tennis players who wear Adidas, we can say famous stars like Andrea Petkovic, Flavia Pennetta, Fernando Verdasco and Andy Murray.

When looking for a perfect pair of shoes to wear during tennis workout or match, there are three factors which greatly involved making the right option. There are actually effective ways on how to find the best brand and with wide range of online sport stores today, it is much easier for you to decide on the fit, quality and price of a perfect pair of tennis shoes.

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