Federer and his secret to achievement


Much loved and 32 year old seventeen time victor Roger Federer finally shares his secret to his success in Tennis world. Kids adore him and a lot of his fans waits for his updates as well as never fail to witness his match. Beyond doubt he is a role model to one and all but what is his real secret and what encourage him? At US Open, he stated that for the most part, you have to give your 100% shot in every competition. You should prepare yourself physically and mentally.

“The love for the game needs to be there.  If you’re going to go through the grind of organization, of traveling, and going through practice and doing media and all that stuff, you need to have passion,” Roger Federer is here to enjoy the contest and give remarkable moves for his fans as he knows how many chances he has to play in a prime stadium. With a victory over Slovenian Grega Zemlja on Arthur Ashe and will face Spain’s Tommy Robredo in the round of 16, win or lose what really matter to him is he love what he is doing and where is he right now.

Maria Sharapova and her new coach


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After amazing three years of working with Swede Thomas Hogstedt, they finally parted ways for the reason that Hogstedt will no longer be able to travel in upcoming games. Sharapova declared that she will be under Jimmy Connors care. Just so you know, Sharapova worked with American Connors in 2008, just before the Australian Open as well as Connors coached Andy Roddick which he helped reach the final of the US Open in 2006.


As seen on Connor’s twitter account:  “Excited to be working with four-time Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. Adding to that number is the goal. I am looking forward to some fun & hard work!”

Maria said she is very thrilled in relation to their new affiliation and can’t wait for the next play offs.  This is exciting news to all Sharapova’s fans knowing that Connors already won five US Open titles, Wimbledon twice and the Australian Open once as a player, topping the world rankings from July 1974 to August 1977, world number two Maria Sharapova the remarkable tennis player will be in good hands and will be more marvelous as her relationship and tennis life expedition with the awesome coach begins.

Who is the king of Tennis – Nadal or Djokovic

Your beloved guys’ tennis players Nadal and Djokovic are trending now on Twitter and other social networking sites. Who among you have seen this nerve-wrecking and jaw-dropping moment on their showdown? Are you Team Rafa or Team Novak?

C’mon, both are beyond awesome players so it’s definitely worth-watching. But if you miss it, you’re losing half of your life.


 Subsequent to Nadal’s return from an injury after seven months, as usual he did not frustrate his fans and just show that Rafael Nadal is truly inevitable. He finally gives you an idea about how he really plays and how he overpowered our Mr. Rank #1 with 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 6-7, 9-7.

In point of fact tennis life would be boring without these two remarkable players. Nevertheless, champion will be a champion so King of Clay always keep in mind – Do not be uncertain to go for the eight!  

The earth is really round, sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are at the bottom and we cannot do anything about it.  I guess we just have to say congrats to Nadal!! For sure a lot of people are very in high spirits with his victory.  Vamos Rafa and good luck to your career, Djokovic!!!

Meet the new Ambassador of Porsche

Whenever we spot car commercials, shows, car racing events and the like more often than not men market and drive it. It makes them look more mannish when they drive cool cars and that it is very unusual that we see women advertise it except this time, our favorite car brand Porsche made a big change in the history as they got a fresh and a perfect model for a high-end car. The lucky girl is no other than the wonderful tennis player Maria Sharapova.

 Sharapova Porsche

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She is the very first woman who will endorse it starting this year up to 2016 and on top of that she has the magic and the she is the only woman who can take hold of this marvelous opportunity said Mr. Matthias Mueller, CEO Porsche. The no.2 Tennis player had the chance to be the ambassador of Porsche effective last April 22, 2013. Just so you know she shielded her title in the Tennis Grand Prix and took home a White Porsche 911 last year in Stuttgart. What else can she ask for? She already has Sugarpova then at the moment Porsche, what else can she ask for?

Beyond doubt it is raining blessing on her all this time. Can you guys tell what’s next? We will surely looking forward to your next success!

The Match of Djokovic-Haas that shocked the world

Tommy Haas


Who doesn’t know this incredible tennis player who is also an ex-schoolmate of Arnold Schwarzenegger that gave a jaw-dropping match last Tuesday in opposition to Novak. Who would have thought that he can conquer our rank #1 player after so many years? The ball is beyond doubt round as if you could remember, Tommy Haas was ranked #2 way back 2002. It is indeed true that once a winner, always a winner furthermore he did not let down his fans with 6-2, 6-4 score. if truth be told, age does not matter when it comes to playing Tennis!  Maybe it is to some players but not with Haas we all observed that he played just like those times when he was on top of triumph in the world of Tennis.

Everyone was surprised when they saw Djokovic performed awfully in which the no.1 player admitted so. Moreover he even said that “it is the worst match he ever played in a long time”. Truly he did well on this match and serves up perfectly and for sure the fans are all thrilled and will definitely don’t let pass the quarterfinals.

Does Haas really deserve this win? What do you think? Can Tommy also overpower the other top Tennis players?

The Remarkable Moment of Sharapova

It was undeniably a thrilling day for Maria Sharapova as she won the Indian Wells title. What happened to Wozniacki? She played sound but it was not her day I reckon. The Russian girl showed various outstanding hits and techniques in playing Tennis even if she went through a vast pressure over Caroline Wozniacki. Furthermore we all noticed that she improved a lot since 2006 and we all expect that 🙂

It is without doubt a breath-taking match at the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament and she made Wozniacki run from side to side during the one hour and twenty minutes play. She truly believes that if you really work hard for something it will be paid off. Thanks to her coach – Robert Lansdorp without his help Sharapova will not make it to the top. Sharapova quoted “I went through different types of coaches but Robert helps out physically and mentally as well as he put my game in place” unquoted.

So if you are an aspiring player and loves Tennis so much, do not lose hope practice a lot and make her as one of your inspiration because you will never know sooner or later you will be a PRO like her.

The Secret of Rafael Nadal

After months of being injured, Rafael Nadal is totally playing well and did not upset his fans anymore after winning over Alund. If you can remember, after his Wimbledon trounce, Rafael Nadal had problems with his left knee, he had torn patella tendon to be exact and his fans got sad when they heard the news especially when he was not able to play in the Olympic Games. Sooner or later, he went through therapy and as a final point the remarkable Tennis player Rafael Nadal is back on track! He said “the feeling is so much better”, his first set was fantastic except that he got tired on the second one nevertheless it is the best 85 minutes of him playing tennis, no one can stop him from winning.

The Secret of Rafael Nadal

He is an inspiration. People look up to him and it gives him urge to do his best and be included in top 10 at all times. His next match will be an Argentine in Leonardo Mayer so let’s see if he persists to improve. He will also be playing hard-court events again in Miami and Indian Wells so keep posted!

Have you seen the latest Men rankings yet? Click here to see if your favorite player is still on rank number one.

Anyone else here excited to watch his next games?

What Everybody Ought to Know About Serena Williams

Who would not know the famous and greatest tennis player Serena Williams?! Her career started in 1995 and became a top 10 player during 1999-2001. She got the highest ranking in the year 2002 and I will not be surprised if she will continually get triumph. In 2010, she was on top both in singles and doubles and guess what, she’s the first player who accomplished a big bang in single division even though a lot of injuries and inconsistent scores came about.


On the photo above, you will witness her bliss after winning in opposition to the champion Petra Kvitova in their WTA Qatar Ladies Open tennis match in Qatar. Thrilling battle indeed! I was so sure that it’s only a piece of cake for her because she’s so excellent in playing Tennis. She’s the oldest woman who holds the WTA No. 1 and I was right! Serena Williams did it again against Petra Kvitova 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 in their last tournament.

No one can stop her as she goes forward and attain victory.  She is truly blessed with powerful hands and wit too. She is also an inspiration to the young generation.

How about you? Who is your favorite Tennis player? Have you watch the last tournament? I am excited and I can’t wait to watch their next game.

Empty Tennis Courts Have Always Puzzled Me…

You know what I mean – we drive by tennis courts all the time. And they always look empty! I don’t mean run-down, abandoned tennis courts. No – cool looking tennis courts, well maintained, with lights and all – and they’re always empty!

There are 30 million tennis players in the US who wanna play. And only 200,000 tennis courts that are mostly empty. What’s up with that? Maybe soon Tennis Round can help put more tennis players on these tennis courts.

Empty Public Tennis Court

Empty Tennis Court - What, no one wants to play here?