The Williams Sisters on French Open 2013


The French Open is up and about and can you guess who are going to play at the French Open? Who else but the astonishing Williams sisters – Serena and Venus and they will be partners for the fourth time at Roland Garros. A lot are asking if they are twins, FYI, they aren’t!

They both received wild card that’s why they are in this much awaited tournament. As per records, the sisters already won thirteen grand slams from the doubles.  If you can remember, they defeated Hingis and Kournikova last 1999 which opens the door to success. Then last January, they did not have the chance to get the victory over Errani and Vinci.  However, they both participate exceptionally as well as present a marvelous trick at all times that’s why they do not give up regardless of of losing on their last matches.

A total of 14 doubles teams will feed your eyes with remarkable strokes and serves on the upcoming amazing game as they were all awarded wild cards for the French Open. Let’s wait and see if the sisters will prevail particularly Venus as she is much skilled. We wish them good luck!

Anyone else here excited to watch the 2013 French Open?


Tennis Leagues Are Back! With a Social Spin. Get in the Mix!

By popular demand we’ve brought back the tennis leagues!

Apparently many of you liked getting matches lined up for you, so you don’t need to ping a whole bunch of people to see who’s in town, and who wants to play.

We ran these in 10 cities about a year ago and got some pretty decent action. People played their matches, reported scores and, of course, met new players. Some even earned prizes from our league sponsors and a cool trophy to prove they won their division.

We’re expecting to run the program in 50 cities this year, probably the bigger cities and metro areas. So, likely we won’t reach all 2,000 cities, where we have players. But there’s no harm in signing up. We won’t charge you anything if your city doesn’t gather enough players. We’ll just make a note that you were interested, and we’ll keep you posted if we get more players at some point.

A few things to mention about the Flex League format this year:

  • It’s a co-ed league. Open to both men and women. Don’t be surprised if you get an email that you’re scheduled to play the opposite gender.
  • People forget. We get it. We’ll remind you when you have a match lined up. But if you can’t make it, be a good sport and send a note to cancel or reschedule. People are counting on you to show up. That’s why they join the program.
  • You don’t pay upfront for this. We’ll just need your card for reservation purposes, but won’t charge it, if enough players don’t enroll in your area.
  • We’ve renamed the program Flex League, as they’re meant to be a bit more social and flexible with their timing. If you can’t make your match this week, play it next week.
  • We’ll match you up with players of similar skill level. Depending on your area and player density, you might get tennis players who are 0.5 skill level higher. Don’t skip that match. Take the opportunity and step up your game.
  • We’ve dropped the requirement to alternate between “home” and “away” matches. With public tennis courts being tough to reserve, we never know where we’ll end up playing. So we’ll leave that to the players to confirm on the day of the match.
  • Ah! How much? Just $29 to join the Flex League. And you’re covered for a whole year. If you don’t like it, just cancel within the first month to get a refund. You won’t get charged at all, if not enough players enroll in your area.

Lots of folks asked us in the past “Are you going to match me up with somebody?” and also “I don’t really want to compete. I just want to hit with someone”. So we now came up with this program. The Flex League. A league with a social spin. Hopefully it’s more fun and less stress. We’ll match you up with other players and we’ll connect you with them. You just need to confirm your match and play it.

It’s also a good idea to report your scores. This will help us tweak the matching algorithm, so you get better tennis partners in the future. You’ll also get to see how your friends are doing through the season. It’s one of the first things players look up before they play someone new.

Make sure to grab a spot and register today.

If you’re new to Tennis Round, you can sign up here:

Good luck out there, play safely and have fun!


The Remarkable Moment of Sharapova

It was undeniably a thrilling day for Maria Sharapova as she won the Indian Wells title. What happened to Wozniacki? She played sound but it was not her day I reckon. The Russian girl showed various outstanding hits and techniques in playing Tennis even if she went through a vast pressure over Caroline Wozniacki. Furthermore we all noticed that she improved a lot since 2006 and we all expect that 🙂

It is without doubt a breath-taking match at the BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament and she made Wozniacki run from side to side during the one hour and twenty minutes play. She truly believes that if you really work hard for something it will be paid off. Thanks to her coach – Robert Lansdorp without his help Sharapova will not make it to the top. Sharapova quoted “I went through different types of coaches but Robert helps out physically and mentally as well as he put my game in place” unquoted.

So if you are an aspiring player and loves Tennis so much, do not lose hope practice a lot and make her as one of your inspiration because you will never know sooner or later you will be a PRO like her.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Serena Williams

Who would not know the famous and greatest tennis player Serena Williams?! Her career started in 1995 and became a top 10 player during 1999-2001. She got the highest ranking in the year 2002 and I will not be surprised if she will continually get triumph. In 2010, she was on top both in singles and doubles and guess what, she’s the first player who accomplished a big bang in single division even though a lot of injuries and inconsistent scores came about.


On the photo above, you will witness her bliss after winning in opposition to the champion Petra Kvitova in their WTA Qatar Ladies Open tennis match in Qatar. Thrilling battle indeed! I was so sure that it’s only a piece of cake for her because she’s so excellent in playing Tennis. She’s the oldest woman who holds the WTA No. 1 and I was right! Serena Williams did it again against Petra Kvitova 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 in their last tournament.

No one can stop her as she goes forward and attain victory.  She is truly blessed with powerful hands and wit too. She is also an inspiration to the young generation.

How about you? Who is your favorite Tennis player? Have you watch the last tournament? I am excited and I can’t wait to watch their next game.