Serena Williams to face Taylor Townsend in U.S. Open

August 24, 2014

serena williams

Serena Williams was defeated against Ana Ivanovic at Australian Open then was lost all over again against Garbine Muruguza in Paris and another lost with Alize Cornet at Wimbledon. Will her next game be the last chance for the two-time defending champion Serena Williams? “These next two weeks I’m going to have to put that together for hopefully seven matches” Serena stated and she also added that if she does well then Serena will have the opportunity to be in the game for a long time. I always expect the best from myself.” “There’s always next year and the year after, so you don’t give up,” she said. “You just keep going and you keep fighting to continue to win more.” Such an inspiration to the young ones to not give up and always do their best in whatever they do! Her fans are all looking forward to her triumph as it is so hard to see her lose again.

The next match is going to be against the eighteen year old American Taylor Townsend which is an interesting opponent for Serena Williams. “She is such a great player, a lefty and young which makes her aggressive. This is going to be a refreshing game for Townsend whereas it is going to be an exciting game for me and to all tennis fans.

Serena Williams wins first W&S Open singles title

August 18, 2014

Serena Williams wins first W&S Open singles title

Serena Williams has an additional to her list of victory as she won the Western & Southern Open. The top ranked won against Ana Ivanovic with 6-4, 6-1 scores which took sixty two minutes only on Sunday at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason. “It is amazing, finally being able to win today,” Williams said prior to receiving the championship cup in the post-match awards ceremony. Serena also adds that it was her best performance and hoping not to be the last. She had back problem but it did not stop her from winning and she was so excited for the final and to be in the final.

“This is definitely a level that can take me to the (U.S. Open) title. I still have a lot of work to do. It is definitely a better level than I have played all year, to be honest.”

On the other hand, Ivanovic believed that Serena Williams was dominating. “Definitely at some point of the match, I actually felt quite embarrassed walking from one side to the other for returns,” Ivanovic said with a self-deprecating giggle. “Yeah, we are lucky to have someone like her in our game and it feels good to be part of this game and I know I have more things to work on and that’s definitely the most exciting part.”

Serena Williams fit for US Open

July 30, 2014

Serena Williams

The world no.1 is ready to fight and said to be fit for her US Open title on 25 August. If you remember Serena Williams was forced to pull out of her match due to viral illness. “They just said I was really ill and really under the weather and I just wasn’t doing very well and the instance left me terrified” Serena mentioned in her interview. She didn’t leave her house and bed for a few days approximately three days, heard and read a lot of feedback from other people and did not know and had no idea that people especially her fans will be worried.

However the good news is the rejuvenated 32 years old Serena Williams is so back! ‘Oh I already moved on.’ I actually made the most of her vacation – I was working out and starting to try to play again.” I feel very good the number one tennis player told reporters. “I feel very happy to be here, so it’s good.”

Serena Williams hopped a match in Sweden. On the other hand the world number one is now concentrating on the preparation for her next must-watch game. The US Open will begin on August 25 in New York City.


Head to head: Caroline Wozniacki vs. Roberta Vinci

July 24, 2014

Caroline Wozniacki, Roberta Vinci

The marvelous number one seed Caroline Wozniacki got her victory in just a period of time. To be exact it was sixty seven minutes only. She can’t believe it but it is her fate today! Wozniacki thrashes Roberta Vinci with 6-1, 6-1 scores to win Istanbul WTA final and settle her first title of the year. She indeed showed her strong side, show no fear and defeated Vinci.  Wozniacki cited ”I served well and pushed her around the court,” at the hard-court Koza World of Sport Complex. In addition, Caroline Wozniacki mentioned  “I am happy to have won my 22nd WTA title — It is a great feeling!”

In Vinci interview she stated that tried to play aggressively like always, but made a lot of mistakes,”  “It is hard to play like that next to Caroline for the reason that she puts everything back in the court and it was tough for me to stay in the rallies today, but I’m happy with my week as well as Caroline just played much better than me.”

Wozniacki, ranked 15th in the world, now has an impressive haul of 22 WTA titles and will continue to perform marvelously and will make her fans prouder.


Get Tennis Invites by SMS and Reply Directly to Confirm Your Match.

July 20, 2014

Get SMS alerts with every invite and response.
We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve rolled out a cool new feature – SMS alerts. You can now get a text message every time someone sends you an invite or responds to you.

You can reply directly to that SMS, without having to log into the site. We’ll deliver it back to the player that sent it to you and also post it online on their account.

No more waiting to get behind a computer, or hope that the other person will check their email today. SMS gets noticed more quickly than email. And for many players, it’s the preferred way to schedule matches.

Here’s what a real life exchange looks like. This is a match that was arranged by the automated Flex League Program:


Reply directly by SMS from your phone:

When you reply to a text message by SMS it triggers and email with the same content, and it’s also posted on the website in your Messages. That way you still get to keep all your tennis conversations in one place. You can still reply via the website as you have before.


Not sure if we have your mobile phone?

If you’re not sure you provided your mobile number when you registered, or don’t know if you provided any phone at all, then please go to your profile and click on the green Edit My Profile button > Edit Your Details link > Phone > Update button. Update your phone >>

Your phone number will not be shared.

We don’t display your phone number when we deliver messages from you. It’s not displayed on your profile either. Instead, we use Tennis Round phones to deliver all SMS. You may not recognize them at first, so we’ll be using a “Tennis Round msg” prefix in each message to remind you where it’s coming from.

Mobile and data rates may apply.

While we don’t charge for this service, please remember that text messages may be subject to fees by your own wireless carrier. If they’re part of your mobile plan, then great. But if you’re paying for each SMS separately you may want to call your mobile carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) and update your plan, especially if you find yourself using this service a lot.

Reply with Stop to opt out of SMS.

If at any point you’d like to cancel these text messages and just receive them by email and on the website as before, you can simply reply with the word Stop to any text message from Tennis Round. It will immediately discontinue the SMS service.

Manage your mobile settings online. Opt in or out of SMS.

You can also opt out of SMS via the website. Login and go to Notifications Settings located in the dropdown under your avatar (top right). You can:

1) opt out from getting SMS from direct invites from players.

2) opt out from Flex League match requests.

Just uncheck the checkbox that you don’t need (or both) to unsubscribe from getting SMS and click Save. If you change your mind and want to resubscribe for receiving SMS, login and select those checkboxes:  Update mobile settings >>

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the SMS service, or notice any issues at all please contact us by phone at 415-754-8068 or by email at

We have tested several of the main wireless carries in the country T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. If you have a different carrier or would like to report a problem with SMS deliverability or share your experience with the service, please reach out to us.


Andy Murray and Kevin Anderson Match

June 29, 2014


The marvelous Andy Murray winning styles strikes back again in Wimbledon. The champion advanced to quarterfinals by winning against Kevin Anderson with 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (6) score. Murray needs one more round to meet and play against Novak Djokovic. He said all the matches are tough and everyone in the quarterfinals are playing top tennis. Andy needs to focus and gives his 200% for his challengers to get tense and have a hard time to take home the victory.

“Some days you get lucky with that,” Murray said. “Some days you don’t. You pretty much guess a lot of the time. Sometimes you go the wrong way and sometimes you go the right way, and thankfully today I picked a few good ones.”

This is the seventh time that Murray overcame the gentle giant’s serve and tactics to get to the Wimbledon quarter-finals.  Anderson wins the game as Murray hits a backhand longer while the Scot dare the call but it was only a waste of time.Indeed Murray is a very tough player and the opponent failed to win over him even if he did his best too.

The rain is teeming down outside and  Andy Murray’s fans were under umbrella while watching their hero win. They did not leave him  even if it rained and supported Murray all the way.

Samantha Murray vs Maria Sharapova, Wimbledon 2014

June 25, 2014

Maria Sharapova

French Open champion Maria Sharapova clears her status and tell the world why  she is in 242 world rank with 6-1, 6-0 on her fist encounter with wildcard Samantha Murray. This is a bonus and indeed a great triumph on Maria Sharapova’s striking resume. The World Wide Web says it is a DAVID VS. GOLIATH matches. Maria Sharapova is too physically powerful that in just fifty eight minutes she had the victory in her hands.

The underdog mentioned in her interview; “I’m really pleased to be given a wildcard again as it’s such an amazing tournament to be involved in,” said Murray, 26. “I had my first practice session on Tuesday and it just feels so good to be there and walk around the place again. “I’m still getting used to everything that goes on at Wimbledon.


“When I first heard the draw I was a bit shocked,” Samantha admitted. “I just see it as great opportunity to play someone of her calibre. I’ll be on a big court as well so it’s just a dream. Samantha Murray also mentioned that it is a privileged for her to play with Sharapova and it’s not the biggest match of her life.

But of course Maria Sharapova did not fail her followers so she played merciless and take home the ace!


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