Who Will Win Monte Carlo?

April 11, 2014

nadal djokovic tennis

The ultimate battle will begin again in the tennis court and fans of these top Tennis players – Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are all thrilled to witness the game. Monte Carlo is the place to be as it is the first stop of the European clay-court season and longtime watchtower to Nadal’s Roland Garros fortress and will run in the next two months. But then again on this tournament, Djokovic comes in as the defending titleholder and a three-match winning streak as opposed to Nadal.

We all know that Djokovic has been chasing Federer and Nadal for the victory since 2011 and up to the present, he is the most consistent tennis player. If you remember, Djokovic has won three straights over Rafa and picked up four Masters 1000 titles but undeniably Nadal has his own tactic also to get his hands on the title. A lot of questions have popped up; Will Nadal pick up his ninth title this time? What are Djokovic’s approaches to beat Nadal? Is Djokovic really a threat to Rafael? Can Djokovic maintain the title as Monte Carlo Masters champion? This game is truly a much-awaited event so mark your calendars and let’s all find out what will happen.


Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova face off for Miami Final Rematch

March 26, 2014

Finally it is all set on Thursday in Miami! Serena Williams will have a rematch with Maria Sharapova. This is very challenging for Sharapova as she has not defeated yet the American for almost a decade and now is her chance to prove what she really has. Sharapova knew that Williams is so powerful and plays with so much confidence. She is indeed a big threat for her but there is no reason to stop. Sharapova knew she can beat her and get the victory!


serena-640-miami-qf (1)

Without a doubt, top seed Williams is confidently aiming for her victory as always and has been winning consecutively. However, after Sharapova’s 14 consecutive lost matches in the rivalry, she gained her big-match confidence after defeating Petra Kvitova with scores, 7-5, 6-1. Williams also said, “I felt much better today than in a few of my other matches here,” “Knowing I was going to play a Top 10 player, I knew I had to come out and play really well tonight. And I did play well.” “When you’re facing a top-10 player, you have to lift your game, that’s what I was able to do.”

Who’s your bet? Will Sharapova win? Or Williams will take home the victory? Mark your calendars!

Roger Federer defeats Novak Djokovic

February 28, 2014


The aggressive thirty two year old Roger Federer finally reached the final of Dubai Open when he defeated Novak Djokovic with scores 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 on Friday. Djokovic quote ”He deserved to win, he played in the second part of the match better and was more aggressive and played all around the court really well.” At some point in first set of the competition, Djokovic thought that it is his lucky day until Roger Federer started to be more ecstatic and give marvelous shots in addition to coming to the net frequently which Novak could not handle.

The remarkable Roger Federer got the victory in one hour and fifty minutes.The crowd was very happy and it makes Federer to be more aggressive in his performance “For some reason I had a tough start but the crowd kept pushing me on and I played well.It’s a quick court so I am always trying to be aggressive.”  He also added ”For me it was just a matter of playing consistent, but remains aggressive. The match gives Roger Federer confidence and for him everything starts to fall into right places.

Roger Federer will be looking for his sixth Dubai title when he plays third-seeded Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic in Saturday’s final.

Murray and Ferrer through in Mexico

February 26, 2014


As expected two of the best tennis players Andy Murray and David Ferrer steps forward to second round in Acapulco Mexico on Tuesday.  Spain’s baby David Ferrer won over Russia’s Kazakh Mikhail Kukushkin with 6-2, 6-3 scores.  David Ferrer who has 4-0 record is being lucky lately as he won the Buenos Aires competition and in addition to that he has also reached the finals last week in Rio.



On the other hand, Britain’s Andy Murray competes with Pablo Andujar and of course took home the bacon with 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 scores. It is Murray’s first appearance and first time to play ever in Latin America. During the first few minutes of the match, Andy Murray had a lil struggle with 5-0 score and he quoted “”I had a difficult start, it was 10 minutes in the match and I was down 5-0, but I started to play more aggressively to get the win and hopefully I can have a good week here”. Nevertheless he goes all-out to win the game. Andujar gave a real test to Nadal but no one and nothing can stop Rafa to victory. On the women’s part, Cibulkova won against Radwanska with 6-3. 6-4 scores while Victoria Duval had a 6-2, 6-4 wins over Czech Iveta Melzer. What’s your favorite moment on the  game? Comments away!


Nike Fuel Band vs FitBit Consumer Review

February 9, 2014

I’ve been wearing the Nike Fuel Band on my wrist for about a year now. Every once in a while people would ask me “Ah! What is that!? Some kind of bracelet? Does it measure your pulse? What does it do? Is it like the FitBit?” And I would proudly launch into a demo, flipping through the different states on the display – Fuel Points, Calories, Steps, Time. This is especially impressive when you’re in a dark room, or in a bar. Last time I was showing it off my brother advertised “Yeah, he’s from the future!”. It has a cool glowing light with different colored dots measuring my daily fuel point earnings. “Oh! It’s also a watch!”. Indeed, it is convenient to also have the time. But more importantly, I don’t have to wear a watch in addition to my biometric gadget.


Truth be told, I’d heard about the FitBit well before I knew about the Nike Fuel Band. I got the FitBit from Best Buy and wore it on my belt. Well, at least when I remembered to move it from one belt to the next. I never realized how often I changed pants during the day, until I got a FitBit. I got so hooked on checking my daily fitness accomplishments, that I’d get really upset if I forgot to move it from my jeans to my tennis shorts. “All that running, and for what!?” I’d think to myself. As if some kind of prize would come from the FitBit to reward me for my efforts (more that later, when I’ll tell you about Kiip). The biggest reward of course was staying fit and playing tennis with my friends.

One of the things I liked about FitBit was the weekly email updates. I’d be checking my messages and all of a sudden – bam. I get an email from FitBut with fancy stats. “You walked 27,313 steps last week, you traveled 12.88 miles and burned 19,180 calories“. Whoa! Really? Who knew. Big win!

fitbit email newsletter

fitbit email newsletter

I also liked the iPhone app and the fact that I could go back to see my performance over time. The idea about tracking food consumption was also pretty neat. However, I would have to manually punch in the different data of what I ate and so on. I never did it. By contrast, a friend of mine showed me recently that she could scan the food label of the package with her Android app for Up, a competing product by Jawbone. So, in the long run the Up app would know how the different nutrition stats of what you’d consumed. I don’t have the Up, but if I did, I could see myself scanning things to get smarter about my eating habits.

What I didn’t really like about the FitBit was the syncing process. Somehow I expected the FitBit to magically talk my iPhone app, so next time I looked at it, it would tell me what’s up. But it didn’t. I’d have to plug it into a special little dock, USB wired into my computer, so that data would get uploaded (to the cloud, of all places).


I later wised up to the fact that I only needed to be close to the docking station, and it would magically pull the data from my hip. But I never knew if it really worked. Didn’t trust it. And would deliberately snap it in to make sure I got my data.

What I thought was really cool though, was that it would keep collecting motion data, even when it died.


I didn’t always remember to coil up the wire and the little dock, when I traveled. So, if the battery died, I had no way to charge it without the cable. Good thing it was still somehow able to gather data with no battery, and I could sync it next time I went home.

And then one day – Snap! It broke.


I tried to lift it from my belt, as usual. And it just came apart. “Now what? Where’s my receipt? Has it been over a year? How long is this thing supposed to last? Maybe I should get a new one. Another $130 bucks.” For a while I just kept putting it together by hand and kept using it. It still worked. But it kept falling apart. Then I started carrying it in my pocket, when I remembered …

Nike Fuel Band

The Nike experience was much more permanent. I put on the wrist band. And it just stayed there. I would go to work, come home, go out, go to bed. It’s always on me. I’d go to the gym, go play tennis, go out for coffee. It’s still on me. And then I’d just press a button, and it talks to my iPhone giving it all the updates right there. The progress gauge would light up and the little sci-fi dude would start jumping up and down celebrating my fitness achievements.


The Nike Fuel Band gave me immediate feedback. My daily stats blinked at me at the touch of a button. By contrast, I don’t remember ever taking off my FitBit from my belt in order to press a button to see my progress, and then try to clip it back on. Let alone doing this multiple times a day. Nike’s progress dots on the bracelet would go from red to orange to green. And then – disco lights! Gadget celebration. I made it – 3,000 fuel band points today! Life is good. I can even tweet about it. Or brag about it on Facebook. That part – Social Media and sharing – seems to have been one of the strategic bets by Stefan Olander (Head of Nike Digital Sports) and Mark Parker (Nike CEO). That people would get addicted to sharing their activity status publicly. And thus spread the word, get their friends onboard, and then share, compare and compete. Not just a cool data visualization app, but also a fashion accessory and a viral marketing instrument. No wonder Nike earned Fast Company’s # 1 Most Innovative Company of 2013 recognition.

The battery recharging problem is solved a bit differently than the FitBit. Don’t need a docking station. Just just plug it directly into the USB of my laptop.


If I could, I would change a few small things. Since the Nike Fuel Band already replaced my Diesel watch on my wrist, I would have it display the time – all the time. Because otherwise I now have to press the button whenever I want to check the time. That can be especially inconvenient when I’m driving and want to check the time. Instead of turning my wrist, I need to press a button. And I also need to press it several times to flip through the other 4 stats (Fuel Points, Calories, Steps) just to get to Time. I heard I could configure that on the site. But really – I’d just make that the default state, and show it at all times. Instead of the Fuel Points, which is the first screen currently. But what about the battery?… I don’t know – what about the battery on my digital watch? How does that work all the time?

I used to have one thing that I wouldn’t leave my house without – my iPhone. Now I have another – my Nike Fuel Band. Yeah, may be a little strange, as I don’t need it to survive in the city (as much as I need the iPhone). But I do feel like my day would be wasted, if I didn’t feed my Fuel Band. I could do all this walking, or maybe even playing tennis or running along the Embarcadero, but I’d have nothing to show for it. No way – I’m going back to get my Fuel Band. The funny thing is that I would immediately notice that it’s missing, as it’s not on my hand. Whereas I wouldn’t know that my FitBit was not on my belt of the jeans I changed into, until  later when I got back home to see it kicking back on my desk doing nothing for me.

How to upload your picture to your profile on Tennis Round

February 4, 2014

You can upload your photo from your Profile page. Just follow these steps.

1. Login to Tennis Round www.tennisround.com/login


2. Go to your Profile







3. Click on your Avatar image (where your profile picture will go)


4. Click on Choose File button


5. Select the file, that you want to upload from your computer

6. Click the green Upload button


And you’re done!


Nadal: Greatest Spanish Athlete of All-Time

November 28, 2013



Truly year 2013 is Rafael Nadal’s moment to shine! Year 2013 has been a great one for him and he cannot count up his blessings any longer. In commemoration of the paper Marca.com 75 years, Rafael Nadal was chosen by their readers as the Greatest Spanish Athlete of All-Time or the “Legend Award” on night of Tuesday at Marca’s silver anniversary gala in Madrid. Rafael Nadal received a 25.6 per cent of full amount votes while the amazing Miguel Indurain on second rank along with NBA star Pau Gasol on third place.

Rafael Nadal speech was “I would like to thank everyone behind me and all those who aren’t here tonight because as well as tennis, I’m mad about sport in general,” Nadal said. “I have had some unforgettable afternoons thanks to all those who have taken Spain to the highest level in sport. Thank you so much because that excitement is what makes sport feel different.”

Rafael Nadal deserved this award as he showed exemplary performance that his fans beyond doubt enjoyed. He is a big example of a sportsman and everyone is more excited on what 2014 brings him. No one can own this title but him Vamos Rafa!


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